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Thomasina's final push!


Back to reality!
Hi girls,
Thought I would start a new thread back over here- I miss you guys!
Well a lot has gone on the last week! So it turns out that I may have ovarian cysts- just waiting on a scan. Also have to have a small operation to straighten up my nose. Have my pre-assesment on the 16th so shouldn't be too long after that.
Had my consultation with my surgeon yesterday and it was a bit shock! Turns out the problem is not what they thought so I don't have to have that massive operation. Instead I am just double jointed and have 10x the normal amount of elasticity in my ligaments meaning all my joints are weak. So now I am just waiting for a MRI and will probably just have to have intensive physio and possibly a few small ops to stabilise any that are really bad.
I feel like I am spending my life in hospital atm but it is all going in the right direction!
Wales was absolutely fab! Was just the break I needed.

Anyway now we don't have to wait for my operation, baby making will commence in November :) So happy can't stop smiling!

Starting Exante tomorrow so get these 2 stones off before we start trying. Even more motivation!

Will update tomorrow with my starting weight. Will need all your help and support! N has also agreed to give me £25 for every 7lbs I lose so should have £100 by the time I am done to get some new clothes :)

Fingers crossed!
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Well happy to see you over here again T, I kept forgetting to visit the other part.

Well thats good news that you dont need the massive op, small ops with intensive therapy must be much better for you? Oooh the nose job sounds painful though.

I can feel your excitement, good luck for November and good luck with Exante. Enjoy spending your cash you WILL get from N :)


Back to reality!
Nose job not to bad- it is just the inside they have to sort out and from what I understand from the Dr it included a laser and some burning. I didn't want to know anymore after that! Should be in and out in a day :)

Well starting weigh is 161.7 and I would like to get down to 132. So just under 30lbs to lose :(
Day one is going ok. Chocolate shake and half a ulraslim bar done!


Back to reality!
Day one done :)


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Ah here you are!!!!!
Glad you got day 1 done :) did you find it ok?

How weird that all this time you were just overly double jointed & they never picked it up!

You know youve got the help & support you need here with us chick :D x


Back to reality!
Thanks for your support ladies!
Tan- day one was ok. Was a bit peckish when I got home but N had recorded this american programme called "I used to be fat" and watching that spurred me on!
Was a bit silly today and forgot my lunch :( the only thing I could get in here is an atkins bar but I bought an egg salad too and not really sure what to do?!
I also weighed this morning and lost 2.5lbs already :) I know it is just water but it cheered me up!

I thought it was really strange about being double jointed too! I have had physio for about 3 years of my life on and off and numerous consultations! It only seems to be in my knees and my ankles really bad and a little in my thumbs. So funny the other night in bed I was getting N to do all sorts of funny positions so I could compare! I can bend my legs backwards but I just thought that was the norm! Also when I was younger I used to be able to get my legs up round my neck but didn't think anything of it!
The bad thing is after the Dr playing around lots with my limbs my knee has been really bad since so been dosing up on lots of painkillers. Hope it gets better soon :(


Back to reality!
Ok so had the egg salad because that is more of a meal than the atkins bar and now it has thrown me of course! Arghhh. I'm very much an all or nothing girl. Going to start again tomorrow morning and bring lots of spare bars to work!!!
It is :( I just can't seem to eat while doing TFR. I ok with the bars but having a salad threw me! Strange eh?!


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Glad to see you back hun! I absolutely love your new pic xx
Me too! Just to remind me of the prize at the end of this! Not that it bloomin worked today :(


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Don't worry you'll get there babe xx
Thanks Chick!
Well day one again sort of! Almost put all the weight back on I lost but I know it will be gone by tomorrow :) Lots of funny goings on in a day in the life of Gatwick Airport which is good because I could quite easily fall asleep!
Hopefully going to do a car boot tomorrow if the weather is ok- fingers crossed!

I know that I will be ok as long as I stick to it 100%. Last time I tired I was having protein etc and now I know I can't do it that way!

After more comparison to N I have discovered my toes are double jointed! They used to dislocate a lot when I was younger- now I know why!

Hope your all having a wonderful weekend x


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Can't believe you are only just finding out you're double jointed!!! That's crazy! Lol

How have you been today? 100% or no? Xx
Been fine today thanks hun :) I seem ok when I don't eat- it is when I starting doing shakes and eating I struggle! Anyway talking of which I need some advice! I have this op coming up and I don't know how to diet around! Will be in and out in a day but will be having a general. I know that if I stop for a long period of time I am going to struggle getting back on however I want to be healthy. So maybe a refeed before a few days of high protein and low carb and then back on? I really don't know what to do for the best. Going to have a good google later!

As for the double jointed thing it makes me laugh too! I thought I was normal but apparently not!!!


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Duno what to suggest with the op thing. Go with what feels better. Can we be on shakes when going under? Xx
I would seek medical advice on that one T, I dont know the risks of ketosis and general anaesthetic chick.

We used to be hooked on car boot sales years ago, not done one for about 15 years now.
Tan I wouldn't have thought so but would love it if I could! Would be so much easier. Will ask at my pre assessment next week.
Mary we love a good car boot. Such a good way of getting rid of old crap! As they say something something is another mans treasure! Can't remember the phrase!!!
Thomasina, I was advised to stop LT for a fortnight before my op last year but not sure if it was because of the general anaesthetic or just it was too big an op and the surgeon considered that LT wouldn't provide sufficient nutrition to aid recovery.

I'd speak to your surgeon or even just your doctor, if you're having a general then even a relatively small op is quite serious. It's not the end of the world if you have to re-feed just make sure that everything you eat is really healthy and go back to LT as and when you're fit again. Hope it goes ok x

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