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Those Photos some CDCs take , and what happens to them?


please try again
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ive never been forced.

i was asked at the start if i wanted start pics doing. i agreed thou i have my own pics taken at home anyway

every other week she asks if she can do my measurements. sometimes i agree, other times if im bloated i refuse, my cdc has always been happy to go with the flow


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Hi Bel,

My CDC did not ask me about taking a photo -- and did not. She did take my full measurements and then told me that she could just do the waist weekly if I wanted and then check the others at different points... as I wasn't thrilled to be taped weekly. It was quite good, as week two I only showed a pound loss, but had two inches off my waist.

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Mrs Taurus

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No mug shots for me either, last time she took my measurements, but they totally got me down as they moved so slowly, were hugely affected by pms and were much bigger than the clothes sizes I was wearing(and I wear loose).
The only numbers I'm interested in are on the scales and on the bmi chart, so this time round I requested no measurements and no problem.x


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my cdc didnt take a picture,she asked if i wanted my measurements taken,i told her i would do it myself at home ,i was a bit embarrassed! she was fine with this.


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My CDC never took any pics or asked me if I wanted them not bothered as I do them at home anyway. She dies all my measurements each week which I like her doing but I don't have to have them done if I don't want to x
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i think some cdc's do and some don't. i've had 2 different cdc's and neither have taken pics. my current cdc, the one i go back to since my first experience took my measurements when i came back last year after dude's birth. she's never really bothered since. i'm not too bothered as i took my own measurements and i have my own pictures too.


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I always ASK all my clients if they would like to have a before and after picture taken, most say yes. I then take a photo every two stone and let them see a comparison of themselves. This can be really helpful as sometimes it can take a while for your brain to catch up with just how much you've lost. Even on the heaviest of clients two stone is usually quite a difference. I put the photos side by side using photoshop and give the client a copy of them.

I will only ever show clients photos of other clients when I've had permission to do so.

The clients who have finished and do not want me to show them to other people are given a copy and then I delete them.

The clients who did not finish, I keep them in a separate folder secured by a password. All photos are saved under initials and date, so people cannot be identified from them by their name.

This isn't a service we need to offer as Consultants, its just an additional service that I offer to my clients and I'm pretty sure that the ones who take me up on it are really grateful for it. I never push anyone into it, if they don't want a pic then so be it.


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S: 13st0lb C: 9st2lb G: 8st7lb BMI: 23.4 Loss: 3st12lb(29.67%)
Hmmm I doubt CWP would get involved to be honest as it is not something that is encouraged by them or part of our "Code of Conduct". As I said its a service that we choose to offer.

Just say no! It's your body and your rights.

I dunno about it being part of "sales". Personally I don't give a "sales pitch", I don't have to, neither would I want to, the diet sells itself. On the occasion that I will show someone photos it will be to motivate someone who is struggling or who doesn't really believe that it will work for them or they can't do it. So on occasion I will show someone a pic of someone who has been roughly the same size/weight they were and how they looked at goal and tell them how long it took. It can only be a positive thing.

Again, if you don't want them done, say no, if they still do it, get annoyed. Complain to CWP HO if necessary.

I find it hard to believe that any Consultant out there would do this without your permission, but then again I'm a good Consultant and the thought of doing something like that would NEVER cross my mind! But I won't deny that I have read of horror stories with Consultants out there. I think the majority of us are nice and good though. ;)
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I find the idea of having a "before photo" done quite appealing. I wish i'd done it. Nearly lost my first stone (weigh on Saturday - finger crossed) & although I know I have lost weight & my cheek bones are reapearing, I probally was in denyal about how much i weighed & my body shape before I started (rose tinited mirror). I would be nice to look back after the next stone & really see the differnce.
I think I would have done it at home rather than CDC. If I knew i was going to have the demination before I lanched in to CD. Pleased I on CD & been 100% so far & hoping to have the detimiation to see it though to my goal :)

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