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***thoughtful thursday***

Hope everyone is okay?

I have my pre op this afternoon, really don't want the op yet unless they say I can o straight back on CD! And if I tell them my worries I don't want them thinking I'm wasting there time :( I'm so scared!

I'm obsessed with porridge ATM! Has anyone noticed it drys like concrete?! OH keeps having ago because he has to soak the bowls for ages before he can wash up lol oops!

Hope all is well x
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hey :) The pre op will be fine and i am sure they get a lot of people changing the date of their op so try not to worry :)

I am totally addicted to the maple and pecan porridge , it is amazing and much more filling than the shakes , and yeah i have to soak the bowl for at least half an hour ( not that I ever leave much in the bowl !!!) .. dread to think what happens once I have swallowed it !!!

I have just got back from working the night shift and have to take my 4 year old for her pre school eye test at 10 ... then hoping to go to bed till tea time as i am at work again tonight !!!

all is going good with SS at the moment and I am hoping to get this last 18 lb off as fast as possible !!!

Mrs Taurus

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oh so sorry Kimmie, am so blind I didn't see this post, I will try and delete mine...................and yes I do have my contacts lenses in x
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First day :) had a banana shake this morning feeling abit hungry just now but keeps drinking my water think I also might go for a nap and sleep it off


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Hi Kimmie, Mrs T, Katie and TLKez --

@Kez -- I've not tried the banana, yet. I detested the LL banana, and afraid to waste the money. LOL (Like it is all that much -- a CD pack isless than a Starbucks.)

@Katie -- I cannot imagine how you do it. Up all night and then still functioning in the morning -- able to the mum thing. Impressive. I hope you are able to get fully rested.

@Kimmie -- Thanks for starting the thread (you, too, Mrs T). I'm okay (better than yesterday -- I was starving all day due to familial issues: have a sister that is a right [email protected]).

I wrote out all the things I would like to say to her and have her actually "hear" but I know it is pointless and would be "throwing fuel on the fire". I responded to her by turning the other cheek, and am now focusing on "fixing" the things that I can and accepting that, although, I feel that I deserve a loving older sister -- she is the one I was given and I work hard to love her, despite her selg-sabotaging behaviour.

Anyway, I am about to go and walk the little dog (who is much improved) for a minimum of 30 minutes and take a photo of "surfaces" to upload to the fat-to-fit-foto website. So far, having an assignment makes me more motivated to go out in the cold, gray and damp day -- the little dog needing a walk sadly isn't enough motivation for me. I guess having had her for nearly five years, I am starting to take the little bundle of love and energy for granted.

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I'm so nervous! The letter says can take 4-6hours and I haven't got a shaker! I'm going to be frigging starving! :(


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S: 192lb C: 192lb G: 138lb BMI: 33 Loss: 0lb(0%)
And you ate all those bars!!! Not good planning, eh Kimmie! LOL :)

Do you have a tetra? If not, is there a Tescos on the way to the hospital? They sell weight loss drinks -- better than slimfast and that'll work as a replacement for a CD shake.

Had a biggest looser bar :)

Been for my pre op, told it's a day operation so will be home the same day. She said there's no reason I need to come off the diet and I can go straight back on that day. But iv decided I'm going to have a salad that night after operation and then back on shakes.

Been also told that I will be at hospital all day on my own! I'm so scared :(


Why Be Normal?
S: 192lb C: 192lb G: 138lb BMI: 33 Loss: 0lb(0%)
Oh Kimmie,

I'm so sorry. Why can't you have a friend or family member with you? I am sure it'll all be fine -- I had two procedures done last summer (one was a surgical biopsy) and I was very nervous, but it was over before I knew it -- and it is a distant memory.


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