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Thoughts on this please?

Hi everyone, I am currently on the SS programme and wanted a bit of advice. Getting on well ATM, not thinking about food to much at all.
However I do have one habit I'm finding hard to come to terms with, every Saturday evening we would sit down with a really heavy Chinese meal. I'm really fonna miss that :( I was wondering if I could eat all my Cambridge packs throughout the week and at all meal times but on a sat night have a plain chinese chicken dish ? Will this affect me much?

Any advice is greatly received x
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You will take yourself out of Ketosis hun - there is no point...surely....plus you can have it as a treat when you get passed the SS stage.
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I personally wouldn't, that chinese meal every week is probably part of the reason why you are having to do cambridge now. It is about changing your habits and if you continue to have a chinese every week you won't be changing your habits will you?

Maybe whoever you have this with could do without it too, have something that wouldn't make you feel as bad? I would doubt that you would be able to go back to having this meal every week without putting weight back on after you are done you so I would imagine you would need to find something healthier you could indulge in instead?


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don't do it , l had a planned meal on mothers day, l gained 4lbs and went out of ketosis it really isn't worth it , l have lost the 4lbs l gained but it took me 5 days, l have only lost 1lb officially for my week on CD so hun take it from me TOTALLY NOT WORTH IT :D
Ok guys, thanks for the advice. I auppose it wont be worth it.
Maybe o could treat myself to a can of coke zero tomorrow? I'm on day 4 then will it do much harm? Xx
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I suppose you could but I am going to sound quite harsh here but you have to stop looking at food and drink as a "treat/reward" otherwise you probably won't be able to break the cycle. Not that I am expert by no means as I have come back on the diet but I am finally coming to realise this.

Can you not go and treat yourself to a manicure or a new book or something instead for staying on the diet or just to celebrate the weekend?
Even coke zero :( x I know what you mean just feeling a bit down. X
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Yes even coke zero - would you not rather get pampered for a bit than have a can of fizzy juice that may bung you up??

If you really want it, have it. I just wanted to explain why I think you should look at other things to do/cheer yourself up.

Do you honestly think a can of juice would cheer you up if someone is sitting eating a chinese? Think how much happier you would be if you done something for yourself rather than had a can of juice? Even if you are skint, a nice hot bath and a book can do wonder.

Stick at it, it will get easier! Honestly ;)

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It is worth you reading becks diet solution book I have read the first 2 chapters and she is very interesting and addresses this.

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