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"C block is designed to help you rid yourself of unwanted carbohydrates. 2 tablets taken 15 mins before meals blocks up to 35g grams Carbs. (1 tablet 17.5g)
Phaseous Vulgaris is an extract of the Northern White Kidney Bean. In clinical studies it has been shown to clearly inhibit the production and activity of alpha amylase, the enzyme responsible for the breakdown of starch into sugar. Human studies show that Phaseous Vulgaris can effectively inhibit intestinal amylase activity, thereby preventing dietary starch digestion and the corresponding after-meal rise in insulin concentration. Phaseous Vulgaris attaches to the carbohydrate molecule at precisely the point at which alpha-amylase normally would split the compound to yield dextrins. The complex carbohydrate is not broken down into absorbable sugars and simply passes out of the body undigested"


Clean green leafy machine
Wow - you going to try them FJ?



Clean green leafy machine
Just did a google to see if I could find any opinions on it, which seem few and far between and mostly from the early noughties.

I'd be sceptical of their effectiveness!


Clean green leafy machine
I know I know - but I can't help it :(


Clean green leafy machine
:eek: You poo on mince pies, you poo on Christmas :D


Clean green leafy machine
Yeah I hear you.

But I am trying hard not to get too bah humbug this year, even though the TV is just full of ads for Christmas stuff already.

When are you supposed to decorate your tree? First week of December?


Not sure whether to try them to be honest, can't see how they'd work.....

Says carbs pass through the body undigested......

Unless you poo them out?

Maybe thats where they get mince pie filling from!!!!

ladyfelsham...you could make your own!


Clean green leafy machine
Charming! You'll fit in well here FJ :D:D:D
Julie on exante (faf) is using carb blockers and says they have kept her in ketosis

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