Thread about freezing sandwiches...?


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I'm sure I saw a thread here the other day where someone was talking about making packed lunches and which sandwiches freeze well so you can make them in advance.... Anyone know where I can find it?? :confused: :eek:
(I know, I know - I should have printed it straight away... :eek: :) )

My DS is going to holiday club next week for the first time and I've got to supply all of his food. :( DH is away and I've got to get DD out on time too so mornings are going to be challenging enough without needing to make sandwiches too... :eek: :rolleyes:

All help gratefully received! :D :D
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Didnt see that thread but I know my mum used to do that when we were at school. Make up 10 lots of sandwiches and freeze them and take them out for us every morning lol Id totally forgotten about that :)


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I too remember reading that somewhere on here!

I used to do that in the past - just make a batch of sandwiches - put them in the plastic sandwich bags and take one bag out each morning - put them in your son's lunchbox and buy lunchtime they'll be defrosted :D

tis a great idea - especially if making sandwiches each day would tempt you :)


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I used to freeze my kids sandwiches when they were younger. I did a weeks worth on Sunday night and would just take them out of the freezer in the morning.

They were always thawed by lunch time. I also used to freeze their drinks bottle the night before in the Summer.

For sandwiches, just make sure you don't use anything with a high water content (lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes etc). Most other things freeze well though. Peanut butter, vegemite, meat, eggs, cheese, tinned tuna etc.

Prepare sandwiches, cut, bag in one day portions and freeze :)


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Now, I never wud've thought of freezing sandwiches, but it makes sooo much sense now!! Chloe goes to holiday club in a coupel of weeks and the idea of making bulk sambos and freezing them ready to whip out in the morning is magic!!

Anyone know if its ok to put mayo on them before I freeze??


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I always like to put salad stuff in their sarnies, even if it was only tomato and cucumber, but it was a no-no, so they always had to have that separately :(

There's no school dinners in our town, so we always had to do a packed lunch for them....then they 'went off' sandwiches, so that was that:(

Was handy doing them like that for a while anyway.