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Yep, that'll be the sound my fat @rse made when I fell off that wagon last night:mad:


'Twas my own fault really. I volunteered to make cakes for the nursery Easter parade, so I made my (warning food porn alert) Chocolate Caramel shortbread. I was NOT going to try it, I was not even going to nibble those itty bitty little crumbs that came loose when I sliced it, but, well, I'll let you fill in the gaps in this story.

But wait, that's not the end of my idiocy:eek::(:mad:

Today I was invited out for lunch to the local pub by some of the mums at school. A nice leisurely affair before the school easter service began at the local church (well leisurely if you like being in a confined space with 2 children under 3 high on easter chocolate).

I planned on letting my halo slip a little and having a salad. But no. Chips, chips, chips and chips seemed to be all they did. So I ate half a bowl. Didn't enjoy them either. Wish I hadn't eaten them. AAArrrgghhh:mad:

So I got home a while ago after the church service, after dropping my eldest at the school disco, soaked to the skin with the 2 chocolate intoxicated children sleeping it off in the buggy, and thought 's*d it' and made myself a hot cup of milky tea with 2 (yes I know :rolleyes:) 2 biscuits.

I now feel all scuzzy and bad, but felt as it was Easter, I should confess to the massed throngs on Minimins and repent solid nourishment again.

So any kicks and words of encouragement to climb back aboard the wagon would be greatly appreciated.
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Dont worry my fall off the wagon lasted 4/5 days....best thing you can do is put it behind you as soon as you can and get back on the wagon.
After my first day off...trust me i ate loads, i hadnt put any on, but one day turned to two etc then i got till and ended up putting on 6 pounds in 5 days!
The longer your off the harder it is to get back on!
Try not to dwelll and think positive from now on to get back on track...your only human...dont punish yourself too much!
Im here to kick you bum!!! I hope you get back on the wagon soon. I'd say your def out of ketosis so it will be like week one all over again. Keep going though and dont eat anything else!! Just say no I want to be slim

I must have been mad considering how well it's been going.

I've just seen a thread below with 2 photo's side by side with 5 weeks difference.

I think I might take my 6½ week picture tonight and do that too.

It'll keep me away from the kitchen, and might motivate me to get back to SSing again.


Likes being a girly girl
Hi honey - those pics are meeeeeeeeee...and just seeing those pics has really done me the world of good! :D

Take yours tonight and you will see just how far you have come already! Keep going hun xxxx

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