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Time for a fabulous new healthy, slim body! 2013 is the year to get foxified

Discussion in 'Slim and Save - Diaries' started by Mashworth87, 11 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. Mashworth87

    Mashworth87 Full Member

    Well, I'm brand spanking new to this site!

    My name is Mercedes, aged 25 and mother to a beautiful 6month old baby boy and I'm currently 14st 2lb (size 18) after the birth of said wee man, this needs to change.
    So tomorrow is my first day of starting my slim and save diet and the beginning of my success story diary :D

    Hopefully I'll get some much needed support and in return offer my own praise and advice.
    So many of you on here have just done such an amazing job and it's so good to read so much positivity and HEALTHY outlooks on weight loss, a VLCD is a bit extreme but as we all know it's a step to change our lifestyle and our previously negative relationship with food, I will be doing the 4 packs a day until I have lost the first 2stone, then 3 packs.

    For me I am more bothered about how I feel in my clothes and the inch loss rather than the scales and as I will be starting an exercise regime in the next few weeks I'm hoping to be a size 10 in roughly around 6months (hopefully sooner ;))

    My current measurements are :
    Neck:14 in
    Shoulder: 18 in
    Bust/chest: 44 in
    Waist: 37 in
    Hips: 48 in
    Forearms: 11 in
    Biceps: 14 in
    Thighs: 26 in
    Calfs: 16.5 in
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  3. WillpowerWoman

    WillpowerWoman Gold Member

    Hello welcome :)
  4. Mashworth87

    Mashworth87 Full Member

  5. WillpowerWoman

    WillpowerWoman Gold Member

    Oh um thank you :) not really though I've had plenty of blips and restarts but I just never stop trying :) x 2013 is MY year x
  6. Mashworth87

    Mashworth87 Full Member

    Well we all off fall off the wagon and on the whole you've made great progress just keep momentum 13 is the year to get foxy ;) x
  7. Mashworth87

    Mashworth87 Full Member

    Well 1st day nearly over and it's been pretty much a success (except when I threw my first shake into a soapy water sink by accident)

    Relieved that it all tastes so nice, I started with the hazelnut shake, but made it with little water and a hand blender into a sort if mousse but I wasn't much of a fan so watered it down with hot water added a pinch if coffee and microwaved, yummy!

    For my lunch I had the tomato soup with a handful of fresh basil, a pinch of chilli powder and some garlic powder -hand blended, really tasty.

    For my dinner I had the mushroom pasta again I added garlic and some coriander and I had it with broccoli and added mushrooms - surprised how filling and creamy it was.

    All I have left is my lemon and choc bar,I've cut it up (had a couple of slithers already) but I'm trying to save it till later as I've been a late eater for a long time.

    I feel proud of myself it's been relatively easy, I did myself a massive favour preparing my body yesterday. I realised how little water I must've been drinking before this and it's put me in a really good mood today,but I have needed to pee every 5mins haha.
    I think tomorrow is gonna be the tougher day though if I'm honest, but I have the willpower. I need to stick to this for my ultimate happiness and health.
  8. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    Hey :) just want to say well done on day one,you right to be proud of urself :D and good luck for day two :) xxx

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  9. Mashworth87

    Mashworth87 Full Member

    Thanks a lot sweetie, much appreciated :D xx
  10. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    Very welcome :)

    Is this ur first vlcd? Xxx

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  11. Mashworth87

    Mashworth87 Full Member

    It is indeed! I really need to get some off quickly to keep momentum and for a confidence boost I've been pretty miserable with my post baby body and put on more weight since I had him in July, I'm hoping to be a size 10 by his first birthday :) I'm not sure if I'm gonna do slim and save until then (I'll see how it goes) but certainly until the first 2stone come off.

    How are you going on your weight loss so far? X
  12. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    Yeah vlcds are a great way too boost ur metabolism and start off weight loss!

    I know how u feel Hun I put 4 stone on wen I was pregnant.. And it took my till he was 4 to do something about it lol talk about taking my time!!!

    I'm doing good Thankyou, I lost 4 stone on s&s and now I do Akins which I've lost another stone and abit, only 35lb to go till I reach my target phew!! Lol. Xxx
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  13. Mashworth87

    Mashworth87 Full Member

    wow you've done so great!! same I put on about 4 stone, how long did it take you on S&S? and did you do any kind of exercise routine with it?
  14. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    Took me 12 weeks to lose the 4 stone, I did no exercise really, just this and that on the wii, only just started doing proper exercise! Lazy bum haha xxx

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  15. Mashworth87

    Mashworth87 Full Member

    Oh my goodness! I hope I lose it that quickly,I'm planning on getting into an exercise routine after the first couple of weeks,I'm getting a cross trainer with my money and have a Pilates DVD to do,so fingers crossed that will speed things up.

    Congratulations on your amazing and no doubt hard work xx
  16. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    If you stick to plan it will come off, it can be hard but honestly it's worth it

    Ur exercise plan sounds great, just take it slow don't overdo it or u may start feelin alittle rubbish if u do too much :)

    Aww thanks :) I've got 35lb left to lose till my wedding in sept, wish me luck lol xxx

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  17. rhee89

    rhee89 Full Member

    Hi mashworth! Good luck with weight loss! My daughter is coming up to 6 month (on the 26th) and desperately trying to shift this baby weight! I put on just over 3 stone and now have thunder thighs, chunky arms and a baby pouch! We Dan do this!!! Xx
  18. Mashworth87

    Mashworth87 Full Member

    good luck hunni, though you're doing fab! I think you'll be at your goal pretty soon, especially if you're starting the gym, some cardio and it will just melt off you.

    yeah I only plan on taking it easy (I don't have much choice really, as I suffer with hypermobility syndrome) gonna work up to 1 hour on the cross trainer and the pilates is about 45min-1 hour x 5 per week, hoping that will speed things up. If I can get to a size 10 in less than 5 months I'll be chuffed to bits :)
  19. Mashworth87

    Mashworth87 Full Member

    Ok so on day two, was expecting it to be worse, had my chocolate shake this morning, was lovely warm with a bit of coffee (it really takes away that powdery taste) and just had my lunch ; chicken soup, which was nice but I certainly don't feel full, I think this evening is gonna be harder :/ I'm already looking forward to my dinner and bar. I won't crack but its a test of willpower today! Can't wait for ketosis to kick in :) x
  20. Mashworth87

    Mashworth87 Full Member

    So at the end of day two, I was so tired after my soup,so had a nap that turned into 2 hours! But I really needed it think the carb withdrawal was setting in started getting a headache, but woke up feeling refreshed. Made the mac and cheese for dinner with mushroom,broccoli and added half a diced chicken breast (I really needed something extra) had a few small slices of the choc and almond bar, and I honestly feel stuffed now!! I figured the extra chicken isn't going to do any harm as its protein. I'm saving some of the bar for a late night treat with a cup of tea. So all in all I think day 2 was a success but I'm still really hoping that ketosis will kick in on day three or four
  21. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    Well done on today hun, and yes ur right the chicken will do u now harm :)

    Fingers crossed for ketosis tomorrow xxxx

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