Time to move up from 790 to 1000 ???


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Hi there I'm hoping to get some advice. (Won't go in to why I'm not getting this from my CDC!)

I've done SS, AAM and am now coming to the end of my 3rd week of 790 plan, until this week I'd been really good, but had a bit of a choccie problem a few days ago
. It doesn't seem like I've lost any weight this week.

My current weight is 12 stone 3 (bmi=23.8) I'd like to end up 11 to 11 & half stone (bmi = 22ish), basically just lose the remaining excess fat around my tummy.

Initially I thought my recent munchy problems were down to hormones and stress, but I'm now wondering if it was actually my body trying to tell me it needs more food? Because of the blip I considered that I should stay on 790 (and in Ketosis) and try to bring my head back to the right place (IYKWIM?)

I am worried about the temptation that the extra food may put me under and the effects of coming out of ketosis and feeling genuine hunger. However the plan looks so tempting and can't wait to eat fruit again. I think my main issue with food is that once I start eating I don't want to stop!

So folks, what do you advise - one more week on 790, or move up to 1000?

(answers on a post-card to Little Miss Indecisive!)
Hi Dani

Do you know I'm in the same place as you and have been stalling moving up programmes because of little cheats but today I came to the conclusion like you that my problem may be my body saying it's had enough and I'm wondering if I am doing more harm by stalling. Today I have got my head focused and decided that I am going to work through the programmes no stalling and that my focus now if to get this over and eating healthily will the whole family ASAP and to be capable of making sensible choices and strong decisions over Christmas. I now feel as positive about ending the diet as I felt about SSing in the start.

I have 14lb more ish to lose and feel that if I don't lose all I want to by the end of the diet if I need to lose more it will go when healthy eating afterwards.

I don't know why it has taken me so long to get positive about getting to the end. I guess it's just been a really positive experience for me that I didn't want it to end yet.

My advice for what it's worth would be to move up the programme sounds like you have done 790 pretty well after all and you need to be going onwards towards goal.

Dizzy x
Ahhh hi guys - exactly in same place. Been on 790 for 2 weeks now and still have 11lbs to go and no idea whether to go up to 1000 this week or give it another week. Am going away next weekend and will be going to a meal where I stated weeks ago I will drink wine for the first time since 03/08 and eat whatever the hell I want, carbs and all, for the first time (my small "cheats" have been v, v restrained so far). So maybe the blow will be less if I'm on 1000? I'm quite happy on 790 however but don't like the expense. Starting a new job next week and don't think I'll be able to eat through nerves!!! It's very confusing at this stage isn't it? I don't personally think it is explained very well in the booklet when to change to the next programme.

You should not be doing 790 with a BMI of less than 26 have a chat with your CDC. You should be on the 1000 calorie programme now.

Oh wow! You live and learn every day. I though you weren't allowed to SS under BMI 25. Then you go on AAM for a while (until you get to target?) or at least start the stabilisation programme of a couple of weeks on it, then a couple on 790

I never knew you were supposed to be on 1000 at under BMI 26:eek:

I'm not doubting you one bit. You're the expert :D but all the time I've been on these boards, I never knew that:confused:

So...genuine question as always. When do you stop SSing? If you stop when you get to BMI 25, as I always thought was recommended, wouldn't you need to go straight onto 1000 and miss 790 completely? I'm dead confused here:confused:
If someone has lost a lot of weight with me I move them to AAM at BMI 27 then 790 for a week or maybe 2, then 1000 part a followed by 1000 part b normally a week at each stage, then 1200 for one or two weeks then 1500 then onto maintenance.

If someone comes to me with a BMI of 27 I allow 1 week SS, then AAM and follow through as above.

It is part of COMA recommendations that VLCD's should not be used if BMI is 25 so in order to move through the steps you need to introduce food prior to reaching 25 as 790 is still a VLCD otherwise you will not get a smooth transition.

Bit waffly but thats about it.

Thanks for that Linda. Makes sense.

I do like to know all the ins and outs :)

Especially all about the correct ways of doing this diet. Bit pedantic like that ;)

No idea why, since I'm not doing it :confused::D