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Timing of Packs

When does everyone have their packs during the day. I know its good to get a routine going, unfortunately my routine was based on CD which being 5ft 11 was 4 a day not 3.

I am aiming for something along the lines of 11:30am, 15:30pm, 19:30pm?

Although today it went a little earlier as I had the second one at 14:00pm instead..:eek:

PS. Sorry for all the questions and posts today its keeping me away from the wotsits and foxies chocolatey cookies that are in my room for my friend later this week!! :eek:
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Hi Dream

It helps me to be on here as well lol

I will try to have mine around 11, then around 1.30-2 (half a bar with another oolong and peppermint tea)lol, 2nd half around 4.30 with the tea. Soup around 8pm. I drink my tea and water a lot through the day to keep me not hungry and fulfil my water quota. It is mad when I think how much I used to eat. My rake of a boyfriend had to donner burgers for lunch today. I had to leave the chip shop and go and buy my coriander and things for the kids lol...I think a key to staying on track may be avoidance lol.....But then again being exposed to it my strengthen my resolve. I really don't know lol
Sounds good but will you not be hungry in the morning before 11am? Think I'd be too hungry by 9am! Just eating thai chicken soup, is quite yummy but the texture is strange!
Thanks for the replies both - hope you are doing well. Andrea - I dont normally get hungry in the morning, I can get to 11am without too much trouble. I actually find if I have a shake early, it makes me hungry very quickly. When I was doing CD, I would have one shake at 6am before I went to work but was hungry by 8-9am and couldnt have the second one until 11am..where days where I didnt have one until 10am-11am I was fine!!

I may have my last shake soon - probably vanilla, as its been 4hours since my last, and just have an early night to battle the cravings. Im actually not very hungry, Im just craving like mad and have a headache from hell!!


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I have decided 15 mins or so ago, my soup will be after my development group and I shall take a flask of tea with me. Will probably be the first thing I go off lol....I have bee drinking it well before this plan though, so should be ok :)

I just drank water before 11. It makes me enjoy it more to wait and means I can stagger my day :)
Ah right, I'll bear that in mind too then! I get up about 7am so have been waiting to have the shake till about 9am cause as you say it does make you want something else sooner!

I have such a bad headache too, I was fine till lunchtime but its really kicked in now. Same as you I don't feel hungry at all just don't feel very good, bath and bed soon is in order!
I have been completed converted though - just had a vanilla shake - it was absolutely divine, lovely and think and creamy! filled me right up!!! For me, it is sooo much tastier than LL or CD products. I didnt like the vanilla on CD, but its my favourite on exante so far!!! :D


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Just had the thai chicken soup. It was Divine....maybe because of the pepper, coriander, mild madras curry powder, ground chilli fakes and ground garlic flakes!!lol!!!

But it was oh so yummy!!lol
I always find that my will power is stronger in the mornings, but very weak late afternoon. So my routine is:

12 noon - bar
4pm - shake
7pm - soup

The soup is the most filling, I think, but the bar makes you think you've actually eaten something!!

Good luck with your journeys.
I split mine, so I have half a shake at around 8.30am, half a bar at around 11.30am, the other half bar around 1.30pm, half a shake around 4pm then my soup about 6-6.30pm.

I find that having them little and often works better for me.

I also think (and I'm sure I've read studies that back it up) that it's quite important to have something first thing to keep my blood sugar levels steady and help me concentrate at work.
That soup does sound tasty isis1981. Im not brave enough to order any of the soups yet as I couldnt stand them on CD. Mind you I didnt like vanilla on CD and I love it on exante, so perhaps I will give it a try later. Just ordered some more choc orange bars as definitely having one of those a day. Munching on my first one now - taking my time! hehe...
I also split my packs so that I eat little and often:

9am: Half shake
1pm: Half bar
4pm: Half shake
8pm-9pm: Soup and half bar



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I have tried the little bit at a time today. Seeing how I sustain by eating bits at a time. The raisin and nut bar tastes beautiful today! Lol...even like the texture now :)
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