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tinkerbellsmum-this time i will do it

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hi all
alittle back ground on me before i get onto my daliy moaning.
i'm michelle i will be 30 in 7 weeks :eek: i have 2 children nicole 8 and zac 17 months.
i have been doing slimming world for last 10 years most i have ever lost is 2 stone actually thats where i get to most times then start struggling and give up.
i have been back to sw 6 weeks now and almost lost a stone i need a lb this week.
ok thats me i'm a chatterbox by the way so expect long posts lol.
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S: 13st13.5lb C: 13st13.5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
at the mo i am struggling have been all the way though think i'm already thinking i won't do this plus i tell myself i miss choccy.
gonna watch this really motivational before and after thing thats on u tube every morning in hope it will help me stay motivated also gonna buy myself a charm braclet and thinking of putting some pics in my purse of how i want to be.
S: 13st13.5lb C: 13st13.5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
rrrrrr why do i do it? i promise myself i will be good and then before i know it i'm eating rubbish. (lol at this mo that song that goes i cheated myself like i knew i would is on)
think i'm just to lazy to do the plan i don't right down what i eat i roughly count syns
idon't know why i do this to myself its not a hard diet its easy and great but yet i'm acting like its to hard.
i want to be slim but not enough i think maybe once i get past this 2 stone that makes me fail everytime i will do it (there might be my prob i think i'm gonna fail)
maybe i need to take the pressure off my self i feel like i'm rushing to get the weight of but slow aiming 1lb a week might be better cause that way i'm not pressuring myself.
i need to get it in my head i can't eat like a pig anymore cause thats what i do when i go off i binge and if i looked at what i eat in a day i bet its a horriable site not very healthy and loads of rubbish but i keep doing this to my body my other prob which is alittle odd is i think i don't respect my body cause i feel none of us know how and when we r gonna die so whats the point in struggling when i could die tommorrow i know its horriable i need to look at it the otherway if i live to be 100 and i don't ever get slim i will look back and wish i had a regert i didn't or i could kill myself by eating as i am.
sorry for long strange post if anyone was brave enough to read this i'd appreciate your thoughs even if its " u need to check yourself into a mental hospital" lol


Trucker Extraordinaire
Hey Michelle;

I'm sorry you're having a bad time of it. The thing people don't get about losing weight is that (studies have shown) beating food addiction can be as tough as beating substance addiction. The difficulty is that although you can technically remove yourself from circumstances that might expose you to whatever substance you're addicted to (alcohol, or tobacco etc) you can't remove food from your life (without serious consequences!)

It's different for everyone, but here's what I have found Slimming World does for me: it removes that aspect of having to think about food. I don't give myself the option of copping out, because with Slimming World I don't feel I need to. Now this may work better for me because some of the crazy sh!t I have tried these last 10 years makes SW look like a walk in the park, and I'm sure that's part of it. But the whole diet is so prescriptive, you can plan in advance what you're going to have and then... *AHHH*. Your brain gets a break from all that constant noise about 'What can I have? What can I eat now to make myself feel better?' You can focus on your actual life a bit more, as long as you have planned your day.

Take one day at a time. Break it down further into meals. Think about what you like for breakfast (I love my Weetabix) and make sure you have them in. I measure out my HEXs for the next day (e.g. my 350mls of skimmed milk) and I put them in the fridge. I sometimes write down what I'm going to have (either on paper or in a note file on my iPhone). Do everything you can to prepare your day, and then try and relax into it. Have fruit to hand (I love cherries and grapes because it's like fruity M&Ms for me, pop them in my mouth all afternoon if I need to) and never head out to work without knowing what you're going to have for lunch - that leads to disaster.

Just aim for one day at 100%. Start now. Go shopping (but have something to eat first, never shop hungry!) and get what you need, and then just focus on that one day. Then come back and tell us all about it.

I really hope you have a good day tomorrow; good luck.

S: 13st13.5lb C: 13st13.5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
had a good day today.
i;ve been more relax and its helped me stop eating things i shouldn't feel like i have abit of motivation hope it lasts.
gonna weigh myself tommorrow see how i'm getting on.


Trucker Extraordinaire
Looks like we're forming our own little mutual support club here, eh? ;-)

I'm so glad you've had a better day - just keep focusing on each one at a time and they'll start mounting up before you know it.

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Dont give up, you wil get there in the end. I have four children, and as soon as I get stressed all I wanna do is munch out, and I struggle with it, but dont lose that fire in your belly!!
S: 13st13.5lb C: 13st13.5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
ty both

got on the scales yesterday and it said i'd lost 3lb i was over the moon i know that could change for sat but i would of been happy with a pound that would of got me my stone.
i was thinking its 6-5 weeks till my bday and if i only lose a lb a week from now on i'm gonna be almost half a stone lighter which doesn't sound much but when i put it into numbers knocking it off it sounds great and in may its my first wedding annersary and if i lose a lb a week i will be same weight as i was on my wedding day now that sounds great and only for a pound a week
went food shopping yesterday and i didn't take a list and i haven't planned menus i just brought loads free food hopefully that will help
S: 13st13.5lb C: 13st13.5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
got weighted yesterday and i only lost 0.5 which is ok but i wanted a lb for my stone award.
wii sensor broke yesterday so can't use my wii till i get another which is good and bad means i can't weigh myself which is good but means i can't use it for exercise either.
i felt really rubbish yesterday and i need to remeber that feeling all week. i can out of class on a high and very determind but it soon dies doesn't it. (not totally yet)
yesterday i wasn't gonna come off plan like i usually do on a sat but i went to shop and brought choccy which would of been ok but my son didn't eat his so i did (it was horriable to) then i couldn't be bothered to cook so i had chips.
but its ok that was yesterday its done with and if i'm gonna do this for the rest of my life i'm not gonna give up chips am i so one offs r ok and it was a smaller portion than i would of had.
i'm not gonna set a goal this week just gonna relax and pretend i'm at target and eat how a skinny person would
S: 13st13.5lb C: 13st13.5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
had a great day today been on green and stuck to my syns yay
other good thing is i have a pair of trousers on (work trousers) that i don't wear often cause they have paint on. all my other trousers r falling off me but this pair fits not tight but not falling off me like the others so i was starting to worry i had put on so i had a look at the size and they r 14's yay my other r 16s these 14's arent tight either i know there tescos so sightly bigger than most 14's but still feels great.
got my new wii sensor today and i soooo want to weigh my self but after last week with thinking i had lost more than i had i'm not gonna weigh till sat at class but its gonna be hard.
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Hi tinkerbellsmum,
Thats great about the trousers, feels good doesnt it! I work in a clothes shop and used to feel depressed about trying on clothes, and even tho i have only lost 9lbs so far, (tho have toned up by going to the gym regularly) i can still notice a difference in my shape and look forward to get my free uniform allowance hehe.
You mentioned you went food shopping without a list or menu, i used to do that too, but i have found it so much easier to have a week menu, i sit down and write one sunday and then shop for everything for the week, that way you will be more focused and will give you some incentive.....you know exactly where you are, and knowing what your going to eat makes you not want to cheat....i dont know how that works...maybe because you dont want to spoil it.
i get those days when i want to stuff every thing bad in me, ...ive just ate 2 mini milkyway bars and an alpen light bar....and i know thats really bad, but i also know i wont let it ruin my week.
My cousin gave me a good tip to what she does.. she has printed out the numbers 1-70 and every syn she has she marks off the syns, 70downwards and that is her allowance for the week. i dont know if that theory will work for me, but im gonna try it this week and ill let you know if its easier.....may find i can have a few extra treats on sunday if i havn't used up 10 each day. her daughter is also eating healthier, and even tho she never tells her she cant have any chocolate or syns above her limit, she asks her if she would prefer to put them away for a 'treat day'...which is where she has a day and has all the things she has put away and then gets straight back on it the next day....being naughty but not feeling like a failure as it was planned.
It all boils down to being in control, i reckon. and plan plan plan,
i know you mentioned you were going to try the food diary i posted earlier, i really hope you enjoy it, keep me posted.

speak soon, Lelebon
S: 13st13.5lb C: 13st13.5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
hi hun thanks
i usually do plan my menus and i've been struugling so relaxing alittle this week and so far its working
will let u know next week how i get on on your menu will start it thursday
S: 13st13.5lb C: 13st13.5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
had another good day today and still got a healthy b left so not sure what i will use it on.
been on a confidence course today and i have learnt something about myself that i'm hoping is gonna change so many things enjoying my eating habits.
i feel so full of energy today and i feel slimmer so really want to weight in on my wii i'm scared of doing this well then not having a loss on sat but i know if i weigh on my wii tommorrow like i did last week i could even have same thing happen as last week or if i get on and i've put on or haven't lost i will be deshearten. but i really want to know how i'm doing.
S: 13st13.5lb C: 13st13.5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
i did it i was naugthy i got on the scales not that i know what i was before cause i'm sure the wii didn't save last times but anyway think i've sts i know its only wed and thats ok but i've had a terriable day had a arguement with my dh don't ask me why think he has male pms and hes so trying me crazy i don't get pms so hes not allowed anyway he really annoyed me so u know where i went don't u yeap straight to shop for choccy and then when i got in he wanted takeaway so for abit of quiet i ordered it and instead of having jacket spuds i had chicken kebab (which is ok pitta was white so not great but i could of done worse)
just had a mini milk which is so much nicer than the chocolate and lasted longer to and dh gone bed so i can relax and dream about putting a pillow over his head to shut him up.
i was so confident and happy yesterday but today i feel rubbish
i have been reperting allday something i learnt yesterday which is what other people think of u is non of your bussiness and this has really helped me
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Away with the faeries....
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Hey just wanted to say hope you feel better and more positive about things soon. I am sure the cravings for "naughty" foods will pass. Try and stay off the scales till weighin though. It really is better to weigh only once a week, and on the same scales too. Good luck for your next weighin.

S: 13st13.5lb C: 13st13.5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
thanks hun i know i'm terriable just find it hard to stay off
had a terriable day today and i feel sooo bloated.
been in a meeting allday and had lunch out (wasn't planned) and i didn't make the best choice i had a chicken and bacon and cheese sand and a couple (i gave most to my son) of chips plus i had 2 biscuits and a boots choccy bar had no breakie cause i was late and no dinner cause i feel so bloated so really rubbish day and probably ruined it for wi.
S: 13st13.5lb C: 13st13.5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
well todays my first day following lelebon food diary will let u know how i get on.
just done 40 mins on wii fit and i feel great gonna try do this everyday.
right better go get dressed before my shopping comes don't want to give the poor delivery bloke a heartache (that would kill my mood)
ay guess what i'm drinking water how long it will last i don't know
have a good day anyone thats reading
S: 14st7lb C: 13st12lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 32.3 Loss: 0st9lb(4.43%)
good days and bad days

Hi Hunnie,
Just settling down to a nice cuppa and dark chocolate kitkat :drool:....though have just drunk the tea and forgot to eat the kitkat :coffee::( gonna have to make a new cup to go with it.
Anyway, thought id leave a quick message to see how your going. It sounds like your running a pretty busy life there! and i laughed at your comment about suffocating your hubby. what does dh stand for? im assuming you mean husband or partner of some kind.
i had a really bad day on tuesday....sat and ate 27syns worth of malteasers and milkyways.:sign0151: remember i said that thing about counting down 70 syns, well i found that really helped me even out the rest of my syns over this week, am now back up to 10 a day.
just had my sweet sour quarn with rice and trying to eat a lot of super speed stuff....as i also weighed yesterday....sts which is good, but a bit dissapointing to be honest.:boohoo:
My mate weigh's everyday, she says one day she can put on 2lbs, the next loose 3lbs, but it only really shows truely on the 7th day, so i try not to be too dishartened if i do weigh in middle and its not what i expected as im hoping the overall weight is the best. :bliss:
What do you do on the wii? do you find it helps? Have invested in that wii fit plus myself......but my bf is the only one who really uses it.

Catch up soon, Lelebon :airquote:
S: 13st13.5lb C: 13st13.5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
hi hun thanks for posting
i sts to this week so still only need half for my stone its sooooo annoying. but promised myself i would do it his week. i'm gonna up my excise gonna walk to work and do mty wii every morning. on the wii when i'm with my dd we play games on the wii fit together and raving rabbits which r both great exercise. when its just me on it i will creat a rountine in my wii fit plus and do that and ofcourse i do far to may body tests.
i had a bad day yesterday promised myself i wouldn't but i had ta gonna work out syns and take it off the week in a mo. 27syns on malteasters sound like u ate loads but i bet it wasn't we all have slip ups hun (me more than most) but as long as u get back on it then its ok.
tried your bbq chicken yesterday omg thats lovely just like the real thing will be having that again.
i must write my food diary everyday this week
right off to do cooked breakie now then work out syns of yesterday have a good day all

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