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Tink's Food and Gym Diary

Hey All,

Thought I would start my first offical food diary on here.

Although today is Sunday and therefore treat day I am only going to put my gym times in today :)

Burnt 705 cals today at the gym, very happy with that! When we started going 6 weeks ago, I was struggling to burn 200 cals per session so really happy with what I am acheiving now.

Will start the proper food post tomorrow... :)
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Heyyy Tink! :)

Looking forward to reading your diary!! :) And I'm really impressed with your gymness, that's amazing progress! :D

What amount of calories are you looking at eating each day??

And congratulations on the weight loss so far!! :)

Thanks both :)

I am going to stick to 1500 cals a day especially if I am going to be burning 700 cals off per gym session. If/when my weight loss slows down, I may drop to 1200 cals a day. :)
Tuesday 26th October:

Breakfast: Mullier Light vanilla yoghurt with dark chocolate sprinkles: 86 cals

Mid Morning Snack: Hartleys low calorie mango and passionfruit jelly: 50 cals

Lunch: Sainsburys chicken and bacon cheese club sandwich: 539 cals

Tea: 6 hot and spicy chicken fillets and 3 tablespoons of FULL FAT mayo: 835 cals

Total: 1470 cals.

No gym today as its our rest day. Will be back there tomorrow though.

Even though I think today is a bad day as I have had lots of saturated fats I thought I should still post so I can look back and know where I went wrong....
Wednesday 27th October:

Breakfast: Muller Light vanilla yoghurt with dark chocolate sprinkles: 86 cals

Mid Morning snack: Special K chocolate chip cereal bar: 83 cals

Lunch: Sainsburys Southern Fried chicken wrap: 428 cals.

Still not doing too well at lunches, need to avoid supermarkets sandwiches and go to my works canteen for salads!!

Tea: Chip Shop - Large chicken kebab and chips with mayonnaise. Also one can of full fat coke.

I've failed again....
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Thursday 28th October:

Breakfast: Muller Light vanilla yoghurt with dark chocolate sprinkles: 86 cals

Mid Morning Snack: WW Jaffa cake bar: 105 cals

Lunch: Nothing (too busy!)

Afternoon Snack: Small carton of peaches in juice: 139 cals

Tea: Jacket potato with cheese, 3 southern fried chicken fillets and 1 reggage reggage chicken breast: 680 cals

Snack: Medium tub of Ben and Jerrys Cookie Dough at the cinema: 500 cals???

Snack: Packet of chocolate M&Ms and a can of full fat Coke: 259 cals

Total: 1769 cals
Friday 29th October:

Breakfast: Muller Light strawberry cheesecake yoghurt: 99 cals

Lunch: BLT sandwich and can of full fat coke: 469 cals

Snack: WW Jaffa cake bar: 105 cals

Tea: Tescos deep crust ham and pineapple pizza: 1320 cals !!!!!

Burnt 240 cals at the gym today - not as much as I would have liked too.
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Full fat coke, I'm soooooo jealous! I used to be so addicted to that stuff, I miss it sooooooo much! I have tesco flavoured sparkling water or sprite zero now to fulfill my fizzy cravings... then I don't have to sacrifice any food... if I ever get to goal I'm gonna make such a crap thin person, lol!!!

How are you finding this week?

Same here hun, used to drink gallons of the stuff! Really cut down now and just have one or two cans of it as a treat a week. Also cut out having any tea at work so drinking water all day now.

Been a bit tough this week, have been eating rubbishly and not going to the gym as much as I like all because of work issues. Happy with my 1lb loss though :)

How about you? x x
Well done on the loss, even 1lb is blooming hard work!!!

I've been good on the gym front, but my food choices could have been much better, my weigh in is tomorrow, so fingers crossed!

I hope work goes back to normal soon so you can get to the gym.

Keep on trucking

Going to Chester for the weekend tomorrow, so that will involve lots of eating out, hope the walking about will counteract some of the things we eat and will be back at the gym on Tuesday!
Thanks chick, I will be back on it on Tuesday! Keep up the hard work at the gym, your doing great, and you do need to eat a bit more because of the energy you will be using. Well that's my excuse! :)

Good Luck for WI tomorrow x x
Loving the new minimins iPhone app, I'm updating this from Chester! Been to Chester Zoo today and walked around for over 4 hours so hopefully that will burn some calories!!
Right back from Chester and had a fab weekend!

Back on the CC bandwagon and at the gym tonight...

Got back late last night so will be scavenging for scraps today :)

I am off work this week due to illness so hoping the boredom and snacks lure me in.....

WI is in Friday so am hoping its not going to be too bad.....
Durrr, meant hope the snacks and boredom *DONT* lure me in...promise! :p

Oh and also meant got back late last night so didnt go shopping, thats why I will be hunting for food! What is wrong with me today?!
Tuesday 2nd November:

Breakfast: Special K chocolate chips bar: 83 cals

Lunch: One Birds Eye Crispy Chicken and two Birds Eye chicken burgers: 480 cals

Dinner: Fried chicken pieces in Fry Light, spaghetti and Philadelphia Light Sweet Chilli: 804 cals

Snack: Weight Watchers mini chocolate cupcake: 87 cals

Total: 1454 cals

No gym today, there tomorrow!!
Wednesday 3rd November:

Breakfast: Muller Light Vanilla Yoghurt and Peach Pot: 155 cals

Lunch: Two of Tescos lightly salted rice cakes, one with Nutella and one with Light Philly sweet chilli and a packet of Ryvita Salt and Vinegar Minis: 381 cals

Afternoon Snack: Light Babybel, Special K chocolate chips bar and half a pack of pineapple: 211 cals

Dinner: Tescos Just Cook chicken breast with Peri Peri seasoning and vegetables: 310 cals

Night snacks: WW mini chocolate chip muffin: 87 cals and 6 jaffa cakes: 276 cals

Did Wii Fit this morning: 264 cals
Gym this evening: 465 cals

Food Total: 1420
Exercise Total: 729

Do you guys think I should be subtracting the amount of excerise cals I have burnt from my food total?? This has always confused me, not sure whether to take it away from it???

Thanks :)
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