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Tinytiger's tax disc diary

My target date is when I renew my tax disc 30 Nov 2011!

Moved this from my blog, will have a diary instead.
Started Exante last Wednesday and its been challenging to say the least. Firstly everyone at work know I am on the diet. That wasn't my plan, wanted people to comment how great I looked after a few weeks! Now feel like they will comment after obligation and feel pressure when people ask how I did. I suppose its not such a bad thing. I was rumbled by the electric blender which makes such a noise and attracts attention!

Not done very well on the food front. Was 100% until yesterday. Out of boredom and finding myself at home I had a piece of chicken and another and another.

Today has been better so far. During the week is better coz am at work most times. At the weekends dont feel like seeing friends either coz that tempts you to eat.

My aim is Exante total but I dont know if I will succeed.
Do you lose the weight at the same pace if you eat chicken. My problem is portins, once I start I cant stop hence trying the total way.

Withdrawing from alcohol in a big way, cant sleep. Used to have half a bottle of cava every night in the week and my body is craving it. No going to give in though.

I have done Lighterlife 3 times (2005, 2007, 2010) and lost 4 1/2st, 3st and 3 1/2st each time. And pile the weight back on. This time I am determined to go all the way and with the support on here I can do it.

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Ahh you're tiny like me! After 2 weeks on TS I will probably move onto WS (as my bmi will be under 25) so I will be eating chicken etc then, I think you would still see very good results if you were on WS. :) Maybe only have raw chicken in so when you have to have some you could just cook one portion? May help you have control over it as to have more you'd have to cook it again? I'm not sure whether you would be in ketosis still eating chicken so you'd have to decide which plan would be best for you, as i've heard ketosis can stop hunger pangs. I had a majorrr sugar addiction before this diet and it was so hard for me, I just drank plenty of water and just tried to get through it. Isn't this diet making you tired at all if you can't sleep? The first few days I was exhausted! Good luck with the diet, you can do it! :) x x


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Working Solutions is a perfectly valid variation of this diet, where you can have your 3 packs and a 400 calorie meal a day. I often use this and just have a portion of meat (so you don't have to eat all 400 calories!) - you'll still stay in ketosis, so you'll get all the benefits of not being hungry etc. If it helps you stay on track, the losses for WS are expected to be 10lbs a month. You can also mix and match, so for me, some days I do TS, and on days when I need /want to then I have a meal or just some meat. It's meant that I've stuck with it and managed to lose a lot of the weight I want to, and am on track to get all the way to my goal before a year.

Anyway, welcome and good luck :)
Thanks guys. The head wants TS but the heart wants WS. I want to lose the weight fast so will try and persevere with TS. 100% today which I am really proud of. Will take each day as it comes I think. Aiming to be 100% but if I slip will have a piece of protein and veg. It's really worked for you cybill and I feel so encouraged that either way there are good results and I am better doing this and failing at times than eating all that food I used to.

bisousbisous you have done really well and you are a my goal bmi. I hope WS works for you and the pounds continue to drop off. Are you doing exercise as well? I am going to weight until I am well into it then start, going to aquafit this Wed and see how I get on. I seem to have entered the stats slightly wrong. I have correct it now, want to be tiny though hence the username! I have always been described as the giant or big girl so hope one day I will be the blonde or the brown eyed girl and not by my weight coz it will be normal.
Feeling good today and proud of myself. 100% and the hunger pangs have gone. So have the headaches and irritability. I think I am in the zone.

Tommorw cant come quick enough as I was to weigh myself! I have decided to weigh weekly and also every 10 days. So I have 2 charts on the fridge. A 10day one for 100 days (the fab one on here would not open at work so I could print it), so had to come up with my own and also a weekly weigh in one. I am a bit obssed with the scales and I think this may be th eonly way to control this obsession.

Still feel self conciuos at work so had a bar instead of my shake because I didnt want the spotlight in the staff room. Wish they did ready made shakes like CD.


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Hey tiny tiger,

Y dont u try a shaker. They do the job as the same & u dont have to worry abt the loud noise! Quick easy & not much washing up either oh & portable!
I wish i had one whn i did LL yrs ago.
Thanks Garfield. Might try the shaker. I was blending then pouring into the shaker to have shake in the car without spilling everywhere. When I used shaker with LL it left lumps so havent tried it this time round. Will try it with my eve meal.
Hi Tinytiger,

I am also new to this lark (on Day 5) and have decided to go with TS as I am one of these people that give me a bite of chicken and I want a whole one!!!! For me personally I believe that I have a better chance of succeeding by being really strict with myself. However once I reach BMI of less than 25 I may, only may, change to WS as I suppose I will have to reintroduce REAL food at some point. That's if my willpower survives :eek:

Good look with your weigh in tomorrow, can't wait for mine on Friday....hoping for 6/7 lbs. :eek:
Thanks Geordie, yes LL very lumpy with shaker.

Elm thank you. You are doing very well and Friday will be here soon. Did you find it strange not officially weighing in on a Monday as is traditional? I am but I'm sure we will get used to our weigh in days

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Morning Tinytiger,

I purposely chose to start and weigh in on a Friday as I read somewhere that physcologically it's better to start at the end of a week than the beginning. I think the theory is that if you cheat at a weekend which is the most likely time to cheat then you have until the end of the week to get back on track and therefore your weigh in won't be affected as much and morale stays higher. Still will have to see if it works!?!?!?!?

So far still been 100% (does licking a bit of baked bean juice off my finger count as breaking it???) Just got on scales to have a sneaky peek and appear to have lost 6.2lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:eek: Two more days for official weigh in though so hope I get to the 1/2 stone mark.

Girl power!!!:eek:
Morning peeps.

Finally week one weigh in. Lost 11lbs. Im reallypleased but at the sametime a little dissapointed because I had a bad weekend and part of me thinks it would have been more had I not 'cheated'. I know Im being silly though coz its a great loss.

Going to aqua aerobics tonight. I might have a piece of chicken I think tonight for the exercise. Im not keen on exercise if I'm honest (lazy). But dont want too much lose skin and I also hope with the weight loss my energy level will go up.

Hi Elmer
Its posted before I finishe writing!

ElmerFudd (I'm sorry didnt mean to call you Elm in my last post, couldnt remember the full name and was on mobile- didnt want to go back and lose what I had typed!) well done on being 100%. And the weightloss so far is brill, you have 2 more days to go yet so I think you will be past the half stone mark. I dont think an 'accidental occasional' lick of food counts!

Girl power yay!!
Wow, you had a bad weekend and still lost 11lbs....that'a amazing. Don't beat yourself up about it as you did really well. W2 is starting and if you do as well again you will have between 1 stone and 1 1/2 stone loss which is fabulous of a couple of weeks. Keep smiling :D

Girl Power is right :girlpower:
Day 8

Really feel rubbish today. Everything seems such a mess. Was burgled 2 nights ago whilst sleeping and its really unnerving. Had a crap day at work. Think the diet is making me extra sensitive to everything.

Laptop was stolen, missing the support from the forum. I find if hard to navigate and type on the mobile. I will soldier on.

100% today. Really proud of myself. I would feel like I have failed myself if I gave up. I also think I have made enough excuses in the past and can't make anymore. Something will always be up in life one way or the other.

Not looking forward to an idle weekend. That's when things start to go wrong for me and I fall off.

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Poor you that must have been terrible. You need to stay strong this weekend and remember the fantastic start you have had. Keep using the forum for support although bit of a pain having to do it by phone all the time.

Havent been on the forums much as so much happenning in the last few weeks. fell off the wagon as they say and struggling to get back on. For the last two weeks been having WS, an evening meal a day with protein and salad or veggies. Started taking Xenical with evening meal and had a few near misses with the orange stuff. Hoping to make today day 1 again. But have a few engangements this week so hard. And I cant not go to Take That for example!

I have decided to set a mini goal for the month because although my plan is a 6 month on. Achieving monthly goals seems more realistc. I saw it on the forum somewhere and though it was a good idea.

On a positive note the thief who broke into our house was caught. He is in prison awaiting court date. He was caught burgling another womans house two streets away from me. I sleep better knowing he is inside. However I blame my downward spiral on him.
Been two weeks since I posted. Rocky 1st month on Exante. Awaiting my second months supply which arrives tommorow. I feel I wasted a month as I have only lost 13lbs so far. I know it could be a lot more. Considering joining the 2 month challenge which starts Sat to keep me focused. The only prob is I dont have much time to post as working week has become very busy.

I have ordered just milkshakes and bars this ime as soups just didnt to it for me.

Roll on month 2!
Day 40

Feeling positive about the future of my diet. I am putting my dissapointment of last 5 weeks to bed and looking forward.
Joined the 2 month challenge and feel it will keep me focused.

To be continued....work is calling!
Week 8 onExante. Doesnt time go quick! So much has happened as well. Between beng urgled, moving house and renovation old house it appers I have failed miserably to lose two stone in two months- boo.

Been of work and away from routine for two weeks. Now back to work feel like I have some control again. Gained then lost. Seems I am stagnant. been 100% for 2 days and lost 5lbs. Think its all the water that you lose first.

Funnily enough people have been commenting I have lost weight. People who dont know I am on the diet. Something is working hopefully.
I have moved house and deliberatley do not have fridge in the ouse yet. Will get one mid Sept. Want to see if keeping the cupboards empty in the kitchen will work. This weekend I have been good so far. Mainly because I have nothing but exante in the house so left with no choice. Not feeling hungry either.

I have stupidly agreed to cater for a wedding bank holiday weekend. I was not goin to do it but they have been let down last minute by their caterer and I could do with the funds. Hope all the sweating in the kitchen will hel burn the pounds!

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