Tip for defeating those urges to eat


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Hi hope you all had a lovely christmas and are now looking forward to a slim 2012.

I have developed or found a way of helping myself avoid those urges to eat anything and giving in. Of course, it is not infallible but if i remember to do it then it does help.

So if you would like to try it here it is.

When food starts calling i imagine myself in a bubble or abig flexible balloon that stretches all round me. i make it a wonderful thing to be inside, warm and soothing and colourful. You can see through it and hear through it if you want to (make it how you feel happiest) but food CANNOT get through it. i imagine the food that is calling me at the time, say a mars bar, bouncing off the balloon and exploding into a thousand pieces. or say it is a piece of pizza then that hits the bubble and then slides down and disappears.

Sometimes when i am just stressed with the world i sit in my imaginary bubble and just relax. You can take this as far as you like and your imagination can take you. i imagine the inside of the bubble to smell of roses and the colours of the bubble to change like petrol on a puddle. Orange and yellows are particularly good for a sense of happiness.

If you have a nasty boss etc you could always imagine them ranting away on the other side of the bubble getting angrier and redder but none of it comes through because you are in charge and you can turn the sound off.

Well, i wasn't mad when i started but perhaps i am now (LOL).

Let me know if you try this and if it helps at all.

hugs from me.
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I think I will be giving this a go - sounds like a fab idea and hey, if it stops us from cheating, it's worth a go even if we all end coming across as a bit mad :D


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I am the worlds biggest drama queen (admittedly) but I am really struggling this afternoon. I just want to eat, I've even gone through a list of things thinking to myself 'well, it won't do me much harm' then I gave my head a wobble, had a word with myself and followed your instructions artdeco - amazingly, I stopped thinking about food for about an hour! I have a feeling that I will be using this method of distraction a handful of times a day for a while :cry:


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I think ill be spending quite a bit of time in my bubble :)


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hmmmm like the boss idea, might use that when oh's ex wife decides to start up again....


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where can i get this type of bubble from :) beautiful idea


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This is a really good idea, thanks for sharing :)