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tips to get back on track or not have that treat


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Hi all thought we could all share our tips on how we say no to those naughty treats it get back on plan.

On good days ( eg not Christmas ) I try and ask myself if I am hungry and if u really want something and that really works. I also try and have free things to hand to have first.

What's yours... I need more tips to get me 100% back on plan!
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I have really pigged out this Christmas and reading everyone's weight gain has made me think twice about eating more! I'm back on plan now found yesterday really hard but I have hidden the rubbish food so out of sight out of mind! And I went and stocked up on slimming world foods to stop the temptation as I find it's when I'm hungry I struggle x


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I don't keep anything "snacky" in the house- If I want something it will have to be raw veg or I have to cook something. If it's boredom hunger that tends to put me off! I will often have frozen leftovers or soup, but they are usually free and made up with lots of veggies :)

Also, I often distract myself by having a cup of tea, or a fruit tea and I'll sit down with my food diary to update it. I find that once I'm doing something with my hands the hunger subsides.

Work is the big problem for me. I can't just have a cuppa when I sense a craving coming on :(
I don't keep anything "snacky" in the house . . .

Good idea. I try to work on the "if it isn't there, I can't eat it" principle.

Works for me, because I live alone. But if you feel you have to buy things for other family members you might like to consider - if it isn't good for you, it probably isn't good for them either!

But if I am going to have some crisps, for instance, I will buy one small bag. I know that if I buy a big bag, or a pack of smaller bags, I will eat them all!
Another thing is to stop thinking of food as "treats". This is harder said than done, I know, but I am working on it!

The problem with the word "treat" is that somewhere around it you find the word "deserve" - "I deserve a treat because . . . (insert your own excuse here)" - and that is the beginning of a very slippery slope!!


Lost in the Supermarket
if you feel you have to buy things for other family members you might like to consider - if it isn't good for you, it probably isn't good for them either!

My other half keeps any snacks in the boot of his car :p then he eats them in his office so I can't see him doing it! Bit of a pain for him, but it puts him off snacking constantly too :D


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I find that when OH opens something nice, I suddenly really, REALLY want it. So I'll have a taste - one crisp or a bite of his sandwich, or something, and I'll count it as one syn. And then I've had some of what I fancy, without going overboard.

Other than that, I try to save my bread for the evening.. as usually when the kids are in bed, I go into eating-mode. So I'll have a slice of toast or a sandwich. Today I'm cooking up a big batch of soup, so I'll have a mug of that later with some bread when the kids are gone to bed.
I also try to save most of my syns for the evening, so that if I feel I really need something treat-wise, I can have something.



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i think its useful to compare syns - so if you think your hungry dont go for buttered toast (if u have used your healthy extra) - 6 syns is such as waste when that could be spent in the evening on a glass of red wine. (am not drinking at the mo as pregnant but this would be my non pregnant thought).

dont have a biscuit and dip into into your coffee/ tea - its gone in seconds (probs followed by 2, 3 or even 4 more) and before you know it you have used your syns. If your going for a biscuit treat have a kitkat, dip, enjoy the melted chocolate, dip more, haha Only 5 syns and lasts a lot longer than a regular biscuit that seems to evaporate!

If others are having snacky crisps and you really fancy them, then go for lighter ones (like walkers french fries) and really savour them. No point having your syns and not enjoying them.

oh - i just realised what i do when i wrote this. my tip is if your using your syns eat them and enjoy them slowly. dont rush and have them over in seconds!


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All great tips! It's true about the slippery slope!

Also I have just remembered I absolutely love olives so I will often syn 8 olives in brine I think is 1 syn if I remeber rightly without checking! It is not a lot and great to sit with and nibble if watching a film or tv. I would much rather have that than popcorn :)
Reading this has been great and kept me out of the kitchen !!!