To group.. or not to group..?


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I'd like some advice with how ppl are getting on either with or without group..
Started going last year but packed it in after about two months because too dear and found the whole thing embaressing!
However since then have put on 2 stone so am rather shamefacedly crawling back but can't decide if I have the motivation to go it alone or not? Have been doing it for just under 2 weeks by myself at home but already gettin bored! (mainly because scales aren't accurate cos of carpet so can't celebrate my achievements)
So basically.. should I spend the money or can I manage by myself?
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I've never been a group member. I buy the magazine and read it from back to back, creating my own list of syns and meals and getting tips and inspiration from their articles.
I didn't join at first because I didn't believe that eating as much as you like of rice, chips and pasta would help me lose weight.. but when I got on mini mins and read statistics and food diaries of members who are at the same or lower weight than I am, and they seem to be eating quite a lot, I decided to give it a go on my own.
It's been fantastic and I lost weight pretty much effortlessly.
I'm starting a new job at the end of this month, and will have enough money to pay to join a group.
I have been a previous group member with weight watchers, I didn't feel like I got any useful information because most of their tips I already know or are in their booklets and magazines.
I weigh myself in the nude after going to the toilet. I've no carpet so can't comment on that.
Investing in an accurate scale is very important, also have you tried weighing in the bathroom, where there isn't any carpet and weighing the same day of the week on the same spot?

Unless you address the reasons why you felt embarrassed, you'll be most likely to feel the same way again and quit.
If you're gonna spend the money, I'd invest in good scales, both for food and weight weighing.


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Only you can answer that question I'm afraid. Buzzybee is right in that you'll probably struggle with the group set-up unless you tackle what you found embarrassing. But it's undeniable that people who go to group tend to have better losses. It is possible to do it from home if you have an alternative support system eg your family and online forums. If you decide to continue at home why not use the scales in a place like Boots or the local leisure centre? Then you'll know any losses are consistent and there'll be less temptation to weigh-in more frequently, which can be a killer!


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I find what I am saying rather surprising as I dreaded going to my first meeting alone, but I LOVE GROUP!!! there i've said it :D

I find the clapping a little "odd" and I get a bit embarrassed by people clapping me, but we have a laugh.

From day 1 I was welcomed into the group something that never happened in 3 weeks at WW, I believe it was one of the reasons I gave up.

Someone said in group last week after having put on 8lbs over xmas, I least I can come here and moan, other people who don't understand, get bored with listening to me.

I have tried all diets, believe me including cambridge (which was awful) but this is the first plan I have stuck to and I honestly believe if I didnt like going to group this would have gone by the wayside to, for me group is my lifeline and I look forward to 5.30 every Tuesday.


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As above I like going to group! Everybody is in the same boat, and my SWC couldn't be nicer!
I couldnt do it on my own - I like the support and encouragement from others who are doing it aswell.


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I started off going to group but got really bored of it. Can't justify spending the fiver a week on it, get all of the info I need from the lovely people on here & the SW magazine. It doesn't affect my weightloss if I go or not so I'm happy doing it on my own :)


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A vote for going to group from me. I am much better focused and the support of other members is fantastic. However, I do understand the embarrassment factor. It certainly isn,t for everyone. Good luck with whatever you decide


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S: 13st4lb C: 9st9lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 21.8 Loss: 3st9lb(27.42%)
Thanks for all your support guys! I am still completely undecided! Still... was planning on going tomorrow but with the snow it'll be another week before I have to make a decision.
Good idea about using scales in supermarket etc btw :0)