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To lose a dress size, how many lbs do YOU need?

6 weeks today until our holiday to Rhodes (i've posted on a few threads on here saying that we were going in 9 weeks time to Cyprus but thanks to a mess up between operator and hotel we've re-booked)

I cannot wait but really would love to lose a dress size before then! I don't think i can do it in 6 weeks, but am rareing to give it a go ;)! No more wine until then :eek: and food optimising 100% :D - but how many lbs do you find you need to lose a dress size?

Thanks B xx
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Half a pound at a time.
Alot it feels like. Usually they say its a stone per dress size as you get below size 14 - but personally i think its more than that for me. Usually 2 stone!!! Everyone is different i guess.
Everyones so different - for me I started at 22/24 and am now a 16 - it took me four and a half stone to drop those 3 to 4 sizes x
It's over a stone for me...but obviously it's gradual. I didn't wake up the morning after I've hit 14lbs off and magically be in 12s! I wish! LOL!
Shops are all different sizes, as we flipping know, so just take your measurements and keep taking different sizes into the changing rooms to try on and see how you go.
Shop sizes are disgraceful and even in the same shops they are so far out!! Grrrr


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Ive gone from a size 20/22 to an 18/16 and ive lost 2 stone, just depends where you buy from hun xx
Ive gone from a size 20/22 to an 18/20 and ive lost 27lbs.


I can do this............
i found after the first stone i could go down to an 18 and it would fit properly! before i always used to say i was an 18 but in reality i was 20!
However i did go shopping today for holiday clothes and bought everything in a 16!!

I have lost 2 stone so i guess the 1 stone to a dress size rule fits!!!
Ooh thanks all, think i may be able to get a dress sieze down as just put all last years holiday clothes on adn they are all really really big, sooooo if i am a very good girl i can possible get down a size (all my clothes are currently very loose to!)

Here's hoping
I think I am either a stone/just over per dress size.

Clothes being different in shops is annoying but so are magazines proclaiming you can 'lose a dress size following our plan' when a dress size = 7lbs? I wish!

Good luck Miss Shiraz. Oh hey, if you're off the wine til your hols, will you have to change your name? :p


Trying again!!!
I was a 14/16 and am now a 10/12 (though mainly 12) and have lost 23lbs in total. As the others have said each shop is different ~ today I have came home with 2 dresses from New Look ~ one is a size 8 and the other is a size 16 and both fit perfectly!!!!! I go on hols 6 weeks today as well! xx
Weemo where are you going?

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