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Today I'm proud of ....

What are you proud of today? Big or small it doesn't matter, they're all important. Celebrate the thing you are most proud of! Slimming related or not.

Today I'm proud of taking a tub of fruit with me to work when just a few weeks ago I'd have brought a choccy bar and probably crisps as well.
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Today Im proud that I noticed a subtle change in the shape of my tum .... ok its never going to be a washboard tum but ever so slightly its getting smaller and that makes me soooo proud xxxx
Completing my 1 hour body attack class even though I felt like dying 5 minutes in!
Ditto! Only, my class was step and sculpt - I thought my legs were going to drop off, haha!


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That I completed Level One of the 30 Day Shred


I lost 1.5lbs! :)
I'm proud that I've stuck to sw for 29 weeks so far and have lost over 3 stone.
Today I am proud that on my 26th birthday, I weigh the same today as I did on my 21st birthday 5 years ago.. That I'm single happy, day 8 of being 100% oh and that I lost 9lbs last night :)
Proud of waking up and not even contemplating eating non-slimming world!!!
That I realised while in the shower just now that I don't think I could go back to my old lifestyle and eating habits as I'd be thinking too much about the bad stuff and what effect it could have on me!

Plus the fact I'd rather have an apple these days rather than my old snack of two packets of crisps and a chocolate bar x


8.5st lighter!
I am proud of my babies. I am also proud of myself for having the courage to walk into slimming world and for sticking to it.

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