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Toilet Issues? (TMI)

I've been having some toilet troubles. It's really hard to go to the loo, I've hardly been in a fortnight and when I do go it's agony. I've read the majority of posts relating to the issues. There's so many different opinions, could any of you who have had to use both a laxative and a stool softener give me a little advice as to what I could use please?

thanks :)
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Mary i had this last month i think soooo much pain had time of work too.
I brought fyobel orange twice a day its a powder drink, finally went after like 12 days.!!

Maybe give it a try x?
I had this today so am gonna ask my CDC tomorrow for the recommended fiber powder that you add to shakes.
Are there any products we're not supposed to use? I have used senna and ducolax before and they worked well but not sure if they could interfeer with ketosis so advice would be appreciated x
I use senna or dulcolax twice a week , they are both ok with ketosis , dulcolax is quite harsh so better to use senna if it works for you . i tried the fibre powder and also pysillium husk ( sp ??) which is recommended but nether worked so have to use laxatives .
I also keep some glycerin suppositories in my cupboard as have to use them occassionally to help me 'pass ' it !!!!


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I had this problem about 2 weeks ago, I was in agony. I brought 2 types of stool softners (they did nothing for me) I then went and brought Morrisons own laxitive tablets and they did the trick.
I now take on table every 3 days and so far...so good.
Good luck, I think it's the worse side effect of the diet.


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I find a teaspoon of the cambridge fibre stuff added to a powder shake helps me go. I found having it every day was not good...I'll leave it to your imaginations! Every other day works well for me.


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The Cambridge fibre stuff is to keep the stool soft not to help clear a pile up. So would be best to clear the blockage before using the fibre

I personally swear by Movicol. I take a couple of sachets when not been for a while and I am clear within a couple of days. Isn't too harsh and doesn't give the colic abdo pains that some laxatives can. You might be best tackling the issue from both ends. Take something orally and get some supps to help clear the really hard stuff. You might even find that the supps clear the offending stool and makes it easier to go from then on.

If you ahve been struggling to go for a while and it is painful, then you might have a little tear down there which will make pooing very sore.

Hope you get it sorted soon hun and you are more comfortable

Charlie xx
yep, i take something every few days or so if i've not been cause there's nothing worse than being bunged up. also try upping your water. i often find that i go after being to the gym as i tend to drink 2 litres whilst i'm there.


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I have been going through the same thing too...I spent an hour on the loo this morning in total agony. I will be visiting the chemist in the morning. I am in too much pain. I have hardly been to the loo for 2 weeks.


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Movicol is good and fine on Cambridge. Ducolax is a bit too harsh for a VLCD, so best avoided. If you want to try the fibrogel, just go for the plain variety, not the orange which could bring you out of ketosis. I found senokot worked for me, but if that doesn't shift use a glycerine suppository at the same time

Also, if you are constipated, don't take extra fibre as it can make it worse.

Best to use the constipation preventers such as Fibre89, fibresure, psyllium husks regularly, rather than relying on laxatives, but again, any sign of constipation, then stop them immediately.
I am so completely glad that we are discussing this issue as I (infrequently) find this an issue. It's agony. To the point where I am cold and sweaty on the loo. Not good. Can I buy movicol over the counter?


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Oops I've used Ducolax twice - gave me crippling abdo pains but did the job. I'll try senokot infuture - thanks for the tip.
Oops I've used Ducolax twice - gave me crippling abdo pains but did the job. I'll try senokot infuture - thanks for the tip.
I actually find the cramps on senna exactly the same as ducolax- both are uncomfotable so I make sure if I occasionally use either, I take a hot water bottle to bed to help me sleep through them x

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