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Toilet troubles on a VLCD

Well I figured it was time we had a toilet thread here lol

Im having terrible trouble since I started Exante. I dont think Ive 'been' since last weekend. Im SO uncomfortable, sore and bloated. Im going to a party tomorrow night and planned to wear a dress for the first time in ages but if I cant resolve this theres no way Ill be wearing it AND I know its going to affect my weigh in too.

Ive taken laxatives the past 3 nights and nothings happened. Once I get past this Im planning on trying Fybogel to see if that helps regulate anything.

Can anyone suggest a really effective laxative cos the ones Im taking just arent helping and is anyone taking anything to prevent problems??
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Hi Starlight I don't know if this will help but have you tried suppositories. I can't remember the name of them now but you can get them from the chemist. Hope it sorts itself out soon. xx Oohh ohh just remembered it's glycerine suppositories.


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Dulcolax is the best one Ive found. Just make sure youre not going anywhere for the entire day, lol.
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Dulcolax is the only one that works for me, doesn't give me griping stomach pains either.
Sorry, mate, I think Bernice is right. Glycerine suppositories would seem to be the way to go............so to speak. They are not all that bad and pretty quick - the unpleasantness of the task is washed away with the quick relief

Good luck

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id go for dulcolax but to be honest i have to take 4 about 6pm then im going in the morning. do not start with 4 though as some folk only need one.
my concern tho after 3 days is you may need a stool softner as well?? movicol and lactulose(is just sugar) along with 1-2 laxitives(bowel stimulants) should def do the trick. just make sure you stay in xx
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when I am off the diet I go each day but on the diet I go every 2 - 3 days, I make sure I drink plenty of water which does help it all to pass!!!


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I used to have that problem a few years back because I didn't drink enough water. Now I drink around 3-4L water a day and I go to the loo everyday;)
Also, drink a glass of green or white tea (hot) first time in the morning, it also helps.
I run away froms pills but when I used to need it I remember that dulcolax and microlax (the suppositorie) used to work.
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A few people have mentioned this already but dulcolax is the best to go for as it is an osmotic laxative,, therefore will in crease fluid in the bowel and make things softer.

I would avoid things lie senna and fibregel as these stimulate the bowl lining which can lead to stomach cramps and won't help a great deal to be honest.

Have you tried using a fibre powder supplement too? I use Benefibre which seems to work ok.

Hope things settle down soon


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Hi starlight to be honest personally i wouldnt go for dulcolax there not much difference to the other laxatives about i have some pysillium husks capsules and ive been taken 2 daily and have been going daily sometimes even twice theyre excellent and just what i needed. You can get them already in capsules from holland and barrett or you can get the powder and put them in capsules yourself whatevers easiest, i bought the powder ages ago as heard it was good and made the capsules up myself but next time il just go for the holland and barrett ones. I hope this helps. Ive got a 30% discount for there too il pm you and there buy one get one half price at the mo too.


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As it's a toilet thread. I thought I'd ask if anyone else has the opposite problem? I seem to suddenly need to go once or twice a day; it's only week 2, so haven't really spotted a pattern to when in the day - which is making me nervous about being too far from a loo at any point. Has anyone else found this? If so, is there anything I can do about it?
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You could also try lactulose - I find 20ml of that in a pint of water clears me out in a couple of hours :D Don't take it on the actual day you're going out though, cos the aftereffect is quite gassy. And like someone else already said, I bet you haven't been drinking enough water. That, with a reduced amount of total food, would definitely be enough to clog you up.

Edit: Oh, I've just realised you're probably not allowed lactulose on Exante as it's sugar based. Well then fybogel will help on an ongoing basis, but they tell you not to use it if you're badly blocked cos it just adds to the stuff backed up.
I had the same problem Starlight even on 5 or more litres of water a day, dulcolax was the only thing that worked for me to get rid of the blockage and then I used psyllium husks in my shakes, sometimes it worked sometimes it didn't but I tried to only use dulcolax once a week or your body gets used to it.
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Had / have a similar problem Starlight. It is really uncomfortable for sure. I seem to be ok-ish when 100% but if I add a meal I really feel bad the next day - I have an add a meal week coming up from tomorrow so am worried how i will get on - hopefully after the first couple of days it will be ok. I will need to buy in germeloids suppositories & cream ready, because whilst I can cope with the gripey pains I can't cope with the sore rear end I seem to get - despite drinking lots of water.

Sounds like there are lots of potential solutions out there - but I agree with Bren that it is probably not a good idea to take them too often.

Hope you feel more comfy soon - will be interested to hear what works for you.
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I have only seen an orange flavoured fybogel which I guess must contain the forbidden citric acid? - is that ok or will it be a problem? I definitely want to be prepared tomorrow.
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Thanks for the update Starlight - I ended up takin 1 dulcolax Wed evening after my add a meal - felt dreadful next morning - but it served its purpose and prevented any "clogging up" - lol - once I had got past that I was ok - been fine rest of yesterday & today - but not taken another one yet. The fybogel sounds more natural - so if I get a problem later I will try that because the dulcolax seemed a bit drastic for me.
Its odd how some people seem to avoid any digestive issues - my OH is on week 4 and adding a meal with me (he has not got much left to loose) - he has been feeling absolutely fine with no tricky side-effects at all.

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