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Tomato & Basil Sachets and other thoughts....

The Tomato & Basil soups aren't that bad, actually. I have decided to review my opinion of what I have always regarded as being the black sheep of the Exante family. I drank one this morning directly from the blender - nice - and, upon finishing it, I placed the utensil back upon the kitchen unit, smacked my lips and announced, in a happy, jocular fashion: "That was rather nice, I must say!" I then moved my blender from the unit to the kitchen sink, couldn't be arsed to wash it - never can - so just left it sitting there with a pink, sludgy mess in the bottom, much like someone had just purified two pigs' kidneys in it.

And then I left for work.

But, it isn't all positive. For starters, I have to wash the f-----g thing when I get home tonight. Or maybe not, if I decide to have another Tomato & Basil bad boy when I get there? Hmmm. That could be a potential tactic to get out of some washing-up.

Anyway, Exante need to produce some new flavours. And fast. Has anyone ever gone down to the Exante HQ in Dorset? I'm guessing it's just a little office on some dodgy industrial park, but I'd love to know the turnover this lot are making. I mean, I would imagine the production costs of an entire package are somewhere in the £10 - £15 figure and they're selling it out to us lot at over a ton a go. Honestly. What obese people will pay-out in order to look thin.
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I was thinking the same about the dodgy ind. est park base earlier! :giggle:

Just to hi-jack your thread and bring it up again (literally and figuratively) what the hell is up with the thai chicken, belated ginger 'kick?' Barf!


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even if you don't have tomato and basil, just rinse it, it's only you drinking out of it and a bit of food poisoning would add to a good loss ha ha, I've used the same beaker for three milkshakes, I am officailly a minger, soon to be a thinner minger xx


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wonder if all the people who work at exante are thin or great big whales who have chocolate biscuits and cake on their desks while they answer our questions and post our supplies out?????


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wonder if all the people who work at exante are thin or great big whales who have chocolate biscuits and cake on their desks while they answer our questions and post our supplies out?????
Maybe i should go and spy on them and see as only down the road from me ;)


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Lol, I wouldn't be surprised if the Exante people are big. The lighterlife founder, whilst being a multi multi multi millionaire, is huge! I saw it in the papers last year. She was spotted on some exotic island looking less than ideal.


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grief, if i had it free and was very very rich I'd have the diet, personal trainer, gym, swimming pool, you name it, I'd be like elle the body mcphereson!!!!! It makes me a bit cross when these famous people brag about their loss, well they don't have normal lives to lead, working and they don't have to worry about how much gym membership costs and stuff, I'd be like a rake if I had nothing to do all day hee hee


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I picked up packs from the go-lower 'offices' in Edinburgh for a colleague who was having problems with delivery because of the weather. I was greeted by a less than healthy weight looking, denim clad wee girl (apparently a councillor). Their offices are in a dodgy, run down industrial estate in Edinburgh and their 'food' costs an arm and a leg!

NB I took my colleages 'meals' on a flight to Birmingham for her! She has however, lost 31/2 stone in 4 months and looks fab!! She has also addressed portion control because of the 'food packs' and had a lot of time for her telephone councillor so I wouldn't burst her wee bubble!!


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Dutch, I reckon a lot of the 'celebs' use VLCD but don't talk about it! Advised not to by their publicists!
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Geeb... Yeah isn't the go lower office in leith as well? I know where it is lmao!! I bet exante is the same.
On another vlcd they do ready made shakes, tiny boxes, cost over £2 each, I had 4 a day, so it cost a fortune but I became so lazy, I live on my own and in the end really resented washing two glasses, my handblender and a jug! I then kept with the shakes and used throw away plastic cups which were nearly £3 for ten! I must have needed my head read! I also only drank fizzy water with water additive, I must have been spending £65 a week! And whilst my CD women was really really living, she was bigger than me!

Although to be fair I loathe doing washing up, it is the worst cleaning thing ever, but keeping it more sensible this time around as I am broke!

I do know that CD people buy everything for half the cost the sell it for, so add back the actual company profit and you'll probably find the packaging costs more than the product itself!

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