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Tomato Soup pack....?


Jo B

Full Member
Personally I think it's unredeemable! The worst of the worst and I was really looking forward to it

Jo B

Full Member
Sorry about that! Although I probably aren't the best person to talk about the soups with, I didn't like any of them and have been living off banana with the occasional strawberry for about 15 weeks!
Im no help either as I thought it was yacky! but like Jo, I dont like any soup, Ive been having 3 choc shakes and a toffee bar a day since week 3! Someone in the know will be along soon xxx
uuuuurrrggghhhhhh! LL tomato soup is the worst thing i have ever tasted, made me heave - yuk yuk yuk!

daisy x

Jo B

Full Member
Ooooh glad it wasn't just me!


I Can Do This!
Me too - yuk to the tomato soup. I tried making it several ways, mixing cold water to paste first, just adding boiling water etc but all terrible red water with a powdery taste.

I alternate my daily soup between vegetable, chicken and thai chilli as I like all these.
its not looking promising! x
lets hope you are in ketosis then at least you won't be hungry!
daisy x
I love it - it's the only soup I have now! I always mix it into a paste with some cold water first, then add hot. With lots of black pepper (and tabasco if you like it) it's great. If you put boiling water straight into it, it does go a bit yukky though, hence the cold water first.

Good luck...


I Can Do This!
LOL BL. I note you do say it was powdery though! I'm thinking you might drop it in preference of the others before long :).
nahh TI - I really am not a fussy eater, and I know these are not gourmet - I just told myself it was parmesean cheese. :) I didn;t so much taste powder, but could feel the consistancy. But I liked the flavour quite a lot.

I'm a trooper....I'll go with it....and I love the added variety it gives.

We'll see, but I will enjoy it for now. :)


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