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Tomato Soup Recipe

Discussion in 'Slimming World Recipes' started by Irene, 29 November 2008 Social URL.

  1. Irene

    Irene Silver Member

    Rang my consultant the other night to explain why I have missed class and we had a lovely chat about different things.
    A recipe she gave me for comfort food (been poorly) was Tomato soup.
    1 Tin Baked Beans and 1 Tin Chopped Tomatoes heat in a pan and then put in a blender.
    Have not tried this yet as I have 2 other soup recipes to make.
    Seems easy though?
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  3. Melanie

    Melanie Over half way to target

    Oooh not sure I fancy this, hmm.
    If I was doing tomato soup I think I'd roast loads of toms, onions and garlic then blend and chuck in some basil. Would take longer I know, but blended beans...
  4. Irene

    Irene Silver Member

    I thought about the blended beans to?:eek:
    Yours is a much nicer thought.
    I am making WW free vegetable soup later and then tomorrow some Thai Butternut squah soup.
    Can't do big batches as I have literally no room in the fridge or freezer at the mo.
  5. tinkerbellsmum

    tinkerbellsmum Gold Member

    i actually think its a good idea will try that one day ty
  6. lentil2

    lentil2 Gold Member

    This is really nice, I have made it before though the recipe I use is 400g tomatoes, 1 tin of beans, tin of carrots, a teaspoon of Bovril, half a pint of water and a pickled onion!
    Blend and then heat through required amount.
    Tastes really nice....honest!!!

    I'm not sure about just using tomatoes and beans though....sounds a bit bland!
  7. summerscream

    summerscream Full Member

    :thankyou: I think I will copy and paste all the promising recepies here on minimins and copy and save them in a Word document.
  8. Laurie

    Laurie MM addict

    i used to make ww free veg and tom soups when i was on that diet...
    i suppose they would be syn free now on SW its only veg's and some stock...the stock might have syns but will prob work out @ no syns if your only having a bowl a day???
  9. loobylou

    loobylou Reached Target. woohoo

    Hi Irene, i made this soup today but added a little onion powder and some mild chilli powder and OMG it was gorgeous, it comes out really thick and creamy thanks for posting it, its given me loads of ideas. xxx
  10. Tinnedtomato

    Tinnedtomato Gold Member

    Hmmmm, think I might have a go at this tonight...with loads of onions and mushrooms added in at end to make a bit chunky :) fanx xx

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