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i remember experiencing this myself as did others at the timeand found it was when we had used minty breath freshner i think, it was either that or through the vits in the shakes..dont worry about it, its just something else which happens temporarily x

ah that good my mum kept telling me it was the diet is not good for me etc , i dont use the fresh breath strips cant get them where we live:( so must be the vits in the shakes xx
I need breat mint lol oh god
guna go chemist tomo and get the strips lol
What are these strips called? Are you able to get then in any bog standard pharmacy? xx
i was told boots do them, but our boots is only small and dont stock them bigger stores do , yeah i do i go through listerine liek its running out of fashion ooo think they listerine breath strips
I have no idea about the black spots, but your tongue tells a lot about your digestive system so it could just be a 'side-effect' to the diet like hair loss.

I've tried every Boots in town and can't get the Listerine strips anywhere, my friend who is a dentist has never even heard of them haha.
remember them wen they first came out but i havent seen them for a while, i am going to the superstore the 19th so i will check there hopefully i can get some cos the breath thing is driving me mad
I smoke anyway so I don't notice the breath as much, though I have noticed that the more water I drink the less it smells :)
ahh i wish i smoked lol , i wonder if its also coffee breath cos i was never a coffee drinker and it tends to linger a bit ! at this rate i am running the risk of becoming addicted to listerine:)
You really don't wish you smoked, I was trying to quit before I started on Lipotrim but once I started the diet I had to start again, I was depriving myself of too much and becoming a grumpy, miserable, emotional cow. The weight definitely comes first for me.

I have no idea about coffee making it worse as I have a caffeine intolerance though I know that coffee, tea, green tea etc all make your teeth dis-coloured. Watch you don't become addicted to coffee if you're not used to it :)
i was told by my dr you can only do on thing at a time ie get the weight off and then the smokes and no i dont really wish i cud smoke luckliy its something which i have never liked, i only have 3 cups aday but funny u shud say about the discolouring of teeth that has been a worry of mine, mind you co so fthe breath thing i probably brush my teeth away anyway lolxx
hey pps lipotrim reccomened a certain breath strip u shud b able to get them from the place u get your lipotrim :D


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You can always brush your tongue with toothpaste, works 4 me : )
I get my listerine strips from e bay , they arent sold in this country anymore but you can get them from american sellers .. and apparently lipotrim are bringing some of their own out that your chemists should be able to get , probably be a lot more expensive tho !!!
yea lipotrim have brought out their own my pharmacy do them I dont think they are wildly expencive so thats good :) im guna get some today ill let you all know the name of them :D


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I've had black bits on my tongue too!! At one point it was black and furry yellow! Nice!!

I tried scrubbing it with my toothbrush but it tickled so much I almost gagged! (sorry tmi!!) So I resorted to scrubbing it with a flannel (then straight in the wash with it bleugh!) and that seemed to help! I also had a good scrub with the toothbrush and swigged the original listerine.

It seemed to settle down after a while and my breath also seemed to get better too. To the point I wasn't paranoid about it as much and my mouth didn't feel like I had a cete of badgers living in it!!

I also drink black coffee so I thought that might have been the black bits. Was a bit freaked out at first but then I have been analysing everything about me since being on Lipotrim and trying to judge if I am normal!! So far the jury is still out!
as promiced I said i would post the strips up

they are called nuPhar .. dual action Fresh breath strips anti-bacterial fresh mint and are sugar free :) thats what my lipotrip pharmacist gave me I think they are made by the samw company :D

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