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too fat for operation

evening all,
sorry to post this here but i am just too upset to go anywhere else. i have just got back from the dentist, as i had to be referred for an operation to cut my gum to kill a nerve.
so goes there for consultaion, i get weighed and height checked and then get taken to see the anethetist (sp?) who then says sorry i cant operate your bm is too high. i know they have procedures but i am so upset, i am in agony with my tooth yet i am too fat for treatment.
cant stop crying.
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I will succeed!!!
Oh sweetheart that's awful news. I am so sorry :-(

I know you must be gutted/angry/sad right now, but on the positive they're doing this for your safety, which you know. Hopefully it'll help ease it a teensy bit?

Sadly, there is nothing you can do about it - hang on, there is. AND YOU'RE DOING IT!!!! SO WELL DONE FOR BEING HERE!!! *hugs*

All you can do is carry on for now. But make sure you keep them updated with your goals and did they say at what BMI they CAN act?

Hugs to you - hope it's not too painful :-( xxxx



I will succeed!!!
i just feel so cr#p i really wish i wasnt alive at the moment.
Awww honey don't say that :-( I know it's hurting and you feel poo - but you've done so well so far and nag the dentist until they sort something out for now (painkillers aren't the same I know, but better than the pain?).

i know thanks hun, just feeling really sorry for myself. only other way i can get the tooth fixed anytime soon is to go hospital but i couldnt wait for the letter as i was in too much of a state.
i just cant stop crying, and i feel so sick.


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ooooooooooh sweetheart- im so sorry!!!!!!!! i really feel for you their really isnt much worse pain than toothache!! it makes me mad when thhey have such stupid restrictions when your in so much pain keep ya chin up babe
laura xx

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Darling, don't worry, maybe clove oil will help? You have to put it onto a tooth (if there is one) and it stops the pain instantly and entirely! My b/f just used it and he was stunned at how effective it is. Ask at a pharmacy.

As for your weight...You're not the first person to be big and you won't be the last. You're still you, you're still a nice person, still pretty, and you are trying to deal with your issues by facing them. You've made progress too! Everyone on here knows what it is like to feel fat but look at what a great bunch of people we are! Heh.

Have a *hug*, shrug it off and remember that you'll be slimmer soon but your dentists will always be an a$$hole! Haha! (I know he isn't really).
this happened to me too....i could have died with the embarassment, but they still went ahead with mine and pulled my tooth out, only I had injections in my gums and thats it. and it was fine!!! so go back and tell them to see you asap - just because u cant have the anasthetic (sp) they will still freeze your mouth as normal ;)
I dont get this. Why is it then that people have weightloss surgery at way way over bmi 40, some stats on the pre op are about bmi 55-60, so why is it ok for them. Also what if someone was struck down with appedicitis or peritionitis,eptopic pregnancy, ceserian etc what are they going too say, get your bmi down love and we'll see to it then?
I would go back and demand better treatment. If they really cant do it under a general anesthetic, then they need to look at other possibilities ie sedation, local anesthetic, a no just isnt good enough.

Mrs V

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Hey Huni...just reading your post...I had exactly the same thing happen to me when I had 3 wisdom teeth taken out and its soo embarrasing to be told that nothing can be done until you loose more weight.
I can only add what the others have said...you will get there, dont give up heart and before you know it the weight will come down. I started at 21 and a half stone and Im now 15 stone 6, so if I can do it...you can too!!!! Take care ok?



Minimins gal x
Mornin i was reading your post and i 2 think that it is disgusting that you are in pain and they wont operate.
If that was me i would def make a complaint but tbh u mentioned the London hospital, they have a fab reputation and i saw you are in Essex i would def go to them and get your tooth sorted out as i know tooth ache is horrendous.
I hope you get this sorted out soon and at least you wont be in pain no more take care x

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