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Too many dates


On a mission
As some of you know I am getting married this September - 9.5 weeks to be exact.
As the summer is "hotting" up, I have quite a lot of stuff planned.

August 1-3 Hen weekend in newcastle
August 23-26 My hen weekend in Slovakia
August 30th My hen weekend in Sheffield

How on earth do I carry on LT?
The weekend in newcastle is my friends. I have paid for the hotel room and train tickets. I'm planning on going and just carrying on with LT - is this going to work?

And for my own hen do's what on earth do I do?????????

help :confused:
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do it or dont do it???


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whats more important? eating and drinking urself into oblivion or fitting into that beautiful dress and having photos that you can look back on and say 'i worked bloody hard for that, and it was sooooo worth it' ??



On a mission
oh yeah I totally get that otherwise I wouldn't have started it, and the sheffield one I can cope with, but I have to get slashed on at least one of my hen do's?!
just make sure you are fully out of ketosis before you get slashed as it can be just a wee bit fatal!


On a mission
Do i need to refeed beforehand for a bit?


On a mission
ok maybe forget the alcohol and stick to a low fat/low carb weekend


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Before being able to drink alchol you will need to make sure you are out of ketosis, so you will need to follow the refeed plan for the week before your hens (whichever one you plan to drink on). You can buy ketostix in chemist and test your urine. There are some foods (small amounts) that you can have that will keep you in ketosis if you wanted to try that for the hens where you wont be drinking but be advised your weight loss will be much slower and to be honest its not worth if for the amount of food you can have, heres the link, thanks to nictastic http://www.minimins.com/lipotrim-refeeding/44626-foods-keep-you-keotosis-wee-while-longer.html. If you can stick with LT for them all you wont regret it and will look fab on your wedding day. Best of luck


On a mission
hmmmmm, think I'll not bother and stick to a LTlatte or a nice LTmocha!


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Good on ya girl, by the time aug comes around you wont be interested in food or drink anyway. Keep focused.
just wait and see i had a good bit of weight to loose and i only came on l.t for a kick start but ive worked around different things we all went away for a weekend but i just didnt drink and the praize you get is enough to keep you going everyone will think your great and they wont argue wit ye if ye wanna go to bed early either:p


Posts when she can
Stay on LT for the first hens night and drink water.
Then do the refeed so u can enjoy the weekend away. Stay on a high protein diet until the day after ur own hens night and then go back on LT. Do the refeed 10 days before ur own wedding. Don't know if ur dates will allow this but id imagine you would have the same weight loss either ways. Best of luck whatever u decide.
Good luck Chele with whatever you decide. I was the only one not drinking on my hen night and thoroughly enjoyed myself - and I could remember it the next day - which is more than I can say for my sister - and I have the photos to remind her!!! Lol!!!

Just remember to get out of ketosis if you are drinking as it could be fatal if you don't.

We're all looking forward to seeing you in your wedding dress so don't forget to post a picture.



On a mission
I've been thinking about this all day
If I let go of it, and don't feel happy on my wedding day I'll blame myself. So I have decided to stick to LT for all 3 events, but with a bit of protein on my weekend away in Slovakia. That way I won't feel too bad if I have a slow weight loss week afterwards, I won't be on the floor from being drunk, and I can think how proud I will be of myself.

Don't worry I'll be posting piccies of me in my dress (which will be too big !!!!)
This is the most positive I have felt in ages - positively doing something for myself - I can't wait to see the results!!


On a mission
P.S thanks for all the advice everyone!
Chele, well done for being so positive - you are going to look soooooooooooooooooo good in your wedding dress!



On a mission
yup, I am!!
Just hope I don't have a bad hair day to ruin it all
No chance hun, you will look stunning head to toe!



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Chele, I would definitely recommend staying on LT for your hens - I came off it for mine and never went back on - so here I am year and a half down the line having to start all over again. (It wasn't worth it - I got drunk and broke a gorgeous frame that a friend brought as a present!!)

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