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Totally and utterly fed up!


I WILL be thin!!


Will be slinky!
Your body could just be adjusting after doing the Cambridge diet! So keep at it, i'm sure you'll see results.


Now to maintain.....
i agree i think its because you were on the cambridge diet.
it can take weeks for your body to adjust to 'normal' eating habits after cambridge diet.
its actually really impressive that you havent put on!


I WILL be thin!!
I know but I really wanted to lose half a stone before going on holiday, at least :(


Will be slinky!
You've already lost 4 stone :D You should focus on that (and be glad you've not gained after coming off CD) It's a brilliant achievement and you'll look fab on your holiday regardless of 7 lbs gone or not!


The sheer water weight of eating carbs again after VLCD like Cambridge can cause up to 7lbs in weight gain, but its not true weight, its water,

For you to have lost 1/2 a lb, and then maintain for 2 weeks afterwards is actually very impressive. It is your body adjusting to the additional carbs, salt etc that's in "normal" food, its why when you have finished with the shakes on CD you work up the plans, its a) to re-educate you into a healthy eating pattern and b) minimise the carb/water gain, bearing in mind that glycogen binds to 3 times its own weight in water.

Don't worry, your body will settle down shortly and get into its own way of working again.


I will do this!!!
I was on the lipotrim diet (same as cambridge) and as soon as i strated eating again i put over a stone back on so you should be pleased that youv not put on! i wish id sts after i came off the diet.

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