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Totally new to Atkins...confused :-/

Hey there I'm Nikki and I'm a total newbie to Atkins! Pleased to meet u all :) I bought the new book and did my shopping yesterday...I started the plan this morning but I'm unsure about counting carbs etc. I was wondering if you would mind running ur eyes over what I have had so far and offer any advice? I would really really appreciate this as part of me is starting to loose motivation as I'm confused :-/
For brekky i had - 1 slice of thick back bacon, 1 plum tomato grilled, handful of mushrooms fried in olive oil, 1 large egg and a coffee with single cream. (had actually made more than stated but couldn't eat it all yay a first for me!)
Snacked on 3 olives and some feta
For lunch i had - 50g mixed salad leaves, 50g cucumber, 2 cherry toms, tablespoon of mayo, 5 olives, 30g feta, 2 slices ham and another coffee with cream.
Dinner will prob be prawn and veg stirfried....
Sound ok? I have no idea how many carbs I've had or if i've overdone it with fats etc. Thanku! Nikkix
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Hi Nikki

That sounds pretty good, but watch the tomatoes during induction, it's best to stick to green leafy veg :) And make sure you drink lots of water.

And it's almost impossible to overdo the fats, they help get you into ketosis and fill you up :)


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Hi nikki and welcome:)
Suggest you see the sticky about thinking about starting atkins - if you only eat food on the legal list you are pretty safe. You might want to swap to double cream as fewer carbs than single. And suggest you start becoming a label detective - amazing how different some brands can be!

And as susie says - plenty of greens and water:D
You won't be long getting into it - there's a thread about what ppl eat too, so have a wee glance at that and get an idea. :) GOOD LUCK!
Thanku so much and good luck to you all on ur jouney too :) i also found a helpful little bit in the book telling u how many grams of salad, veg, cheese etc u can have per day on induction...dont know how i missed it 1st time round...must have been reading too quickly and not absorbing lol. I'm pretty excited now I understand it more and I'm really glad to find a lovely support group...it makes the world of difference :) just to let you all know...I previously did LighterLife and lost 5st but very quickly put 2st back on....tried it again but just couldnt stick it 2nd time round and Atkins sounds perfect....ketosis with food? Happy Days :)
Hi Nikki and welcome love, how many carbs are you counting per olive? I make it .7G for each, and yes Tomato's were not allowed on induction in the original '72 version of the book
Welcome aboard! Wishing you all the luck! You will be fantastic :)

Thanks guys :) Jim I never counted the carbs in olives :-/ I'm just gong by recommendation in the book to have 10-20/day. Tomatoes are included in the daily allowance of veg. I really need to get up to scratch on counting carbs....afraid i may have overdone it today :-/ x
10-20 Olives a day I'm in shock!! Nikki, you must be using the latest version of Atkins, I used the '72 one and that was much stricter love
I went away and double checked there as I started to panic! lol yep its the Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution (published 2003) deffo 10-20 olives per day! 20g Carbs/day....12-15g of which vg/salad:- 90-110g cheese, 140-200g vegetables if salad does not exceed 230g, 2-3 tablespoons of double/whipped/single cream, and protein until u are satisfied....I'm loving it :) Does this ring any bells though???
well if it works for you it's good then Nikki, but it is so different to the Atkins i followed, much less strict. I hope it's as good love :)

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