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Totty & Sabina's weigh in!!!

Hi Totty
Well on my dodgy scales, looked like 11.8 BUT not certain so I can confidently say as of today.....
11 stone 9lbs!!!
Goal for rest of this month to get below 11 stone 7.
a nice slow plan!!!!:cool:

guess what?? went to mum's - gorgeous chicken and chips - but resisted seconds AND...wait for it - I then went to the gym!!!! lol. Hoping havent done too much damage - wont be eating at mums again this month as will not meet the goal to get under 11.7!!! must stay away from mums...lol
totty, did you say you were 5 ft 7?? if so what weight do you need to be to get your bmi to normal?? 11.4/11.5??
Im 5ft 6 so need to be 11.1 i think.

totty, have you done any other more formal diets in the past as opposed to what we are 'supposedly' doing now!! lol.
ive done weight watchers but manage to last no more than 4 weeks or kind of do it myself. i guess it gave me an insight into food. I tried lipotrim twice. the first time lasted 4 days - was so constipated I could not go on!!!!lol:jelous:
then tried it again last july (just found the card that states I was 13 stone 5!!!!! NEVER AGAIN!!!) and after 2 days had 3 blackouts and dropped my blood sugar which caused the blackouts and faintness!!! trust me!! lol. so gave up and just did my own thing tended to lose a bit and then be happy and try and maintain it for a little while which meant i wasnt always dieting and then id get focused again and then stay the same. stayed around 12 stone to 12 stone 3 for about 3 months and its only end of August that i decided it was time to shift a bit more again and now focused to reah OUR goal for Christmas!!!
How are you doing? Hows the exercise going or not?
hi, I could have so easily been 11st I was 10 st 9 when I began my diet however I am 5ft 4, I see you've had a rough ride with diets sabina but you've lost so much weight well done! I too have been haveing problems with dieting, I've always made up my own diet and for quite along time I was yo yoing, and whilest I've been on this what I call (final diet) I have NOT been eating enough and that maybe the reason why I was staying the same weight for a long time now I eat 3 meals a day and try to avoid junk food and I do go to the gym, its not going to be easy for me loosing the last few pounds but its worth it :D good luck on your weight loss!


Personal Trainer
well done on resisting seconds!! thats a goal in itself hun!!! ...i know i cant resist my dads cookin!!! :eatdrink023:

yeah i am 5ft 7, 11st would put me just in the normal range ...so that would be just great :party0048:

i never had to diet till i had my second child really :wave_cry:, lost the weight quite easily after the first, and second, but then had the pill injection and just ballooned out of control :eek:

i shot up to around 15 and a half stone but was too scared to get on the scales, and too ashamed of myself to go to weight watchers, as i think i thought back then that was admitting i had a problem with my weight :(

so i tried to cut down , and when i finally plucked up the courage...went to weight watchers weighing 14st.

i stopped going when i got to around 11st 10lb....and slowley put almost all of it back on! :cry:

back in 2004 i started my own diet, at 13st 4lb...and never looked back since...i have had a slight blip this year, christmas last year i was down to 10st 10lb...but put a stone back on....:sign0007:

and thats about it really lol

i am always in the gym, :character00115:i am a fitness instructor, so have to really.....i like to keep fit...even though i dont look like the "perfect" instructor :rolleyes: lol

i dont think i have ever tried slimfast or anything like that..i love my food too much! :eek:

so here's to us hun...onwards and downwards LOL:party0016:
finally got on!!! sorry - im letting you down.
was good yesterday but didnt do any exercise. did manage to catch up on lost sleep as i have had a stressful week as my ex husbnd started harrasing me but i think thats dealt with now so hope i wont hear from him.
I think im like you now - i think we have enough insight and knowledge to know how to shift the weight so it really is about willpower. Well if i need to be 11st 1 to be a normal bmi and im 5ft 6 surely means you can be a couple of pounds more as youre an inch taller!!! if we could just be taller we would be overweight!!
Hosting a dinner party tonight for a few friends so lots of food but im not eating all day!!! just doing the water.
I am thinking of either a change of career or at least opening my options so currently looking into part time counselling courses in the evening and found one at the local college which literally starts on monday and would have to go for an interview tomorrow which is all very quick so dont think i can swot up by tomorro and ive spotted another one at salford university which mite be better as think it will start end of september so have time to prepare and the fact its a university always looks better on the old c.v.
my personal trainer has been invaluable in august when i was on leave as i would not normally do as long on the machines in the gym as he was having me doing. and he was very caring as i have problems which can cause me alot of pain if i aggravate or overdo things so just have to be careful so i think he was learning too!!!
couldnt afford him this month so said i would start up again next month and hes ok with that.
will let you know how tonight goes.
hope youre ok


Personal Trainer
good luck with the interview mate! :hug99:

let us know how it goes!!! fingers crossed!

let your hair down tonight...and eat what you like ;)...i will be having my weekly bottle of wine :party0036: lol

like i say, i would love to loose that last bit, really i would, but i think iam so content with the way i look at the moment, not too big, not too small...i like the term CURVY :happy036: i struggle to be really good!!! :rolleyes:

i am good during the week..a bit naughty of a weekend:party0016: lol

hope you are ok x
almost finished the washing!!! so tired. all the food more or less went but they ate too much so ive been left with most of the desert - so i know what im eating at the weekend.
my telly in the bedrooms just died and im so upset as i guess its company in the bedroom - not sure if that makes sense to you. so not sure what im gonna do.
feeling in 2 minds about the course. thinking can i really afford it and can i really be bothered, but i think thats just my mood right now. managed to update my c.v and personal statement so i guess im almost set and im going to have to swot up before i go tomorrow.
think i'll do the rest of the washin up 2moro as im off to bed.
will let you know if i do end up going.
hope you enjoy your alcohol and yes i totally understand where youre coming from with the not too big, not too small, just nice but we will make it to our xmas goal n we will feel even better then - we just cant see it at this moment in time as were 'comfy'.
take care
went for the interview, guy turned up a bit late as he had been told 11am. anyway went really well and instead of starting this monday which felt so rushed i can start on his thursday course which doesnt start till the 18th so im chuffed with that as he seems really nice. it gives me a week to get me mentally prepared to start another course. so glad i went now.
theres this gorgeous choc cake shouting out at me everytime i open the fridge so guess i know whats happenig to that....oops...lol
i just changed a plug!!! as thought might be a plug/ fuse issue with the tv - but no such luck. not worth getting it fixed as old style so gonna have to hunt for a new small telly. what joy!!! will go see whats on offer tomorrow.
i have officially finished cleaning the kitchen and you wouldnt know i had friends over last night. so tired so off to bed shortly... yes i know its 1pm in the afternoon!!! lol
hope youre ok.


Personal Trainer
nice one!! nice one!! :cool:

fill you life with lots of stuff and you have less time to think about food :party0051:lol

i managed to kick my ass out of bed this morning...and get to the gym...so fingers crossed i will have lost iccle bit this week :happy036:

did you eat that cake sabina?? LOL :gimi:
you know me well - i ate the cake!!!! and think must have put on a few pounds but have eaten all the bad food that was left over from the dinner party so back on track from tomorrow!!!!! no more excuses!!!
yes youre right - must fill up time so less time to think about food.
well done for getting to the gym. Ive only been once this week but still feel can reach my goal for september of getting to below 11 stone 7. Will do it!


Personal Trainer
I tell you what mate, i am on a training course for work tomorrow, travelling down today, as its smack bang in the centre of london :eek:

think i have lost a few pounds purely through stress :eek:

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek :needhug:
and stress is not what we want. Hows the training course going? Hope it goes ok. Ive been good today and work was ok today.
Just went and enrolled and paid up for the counselling course. Well stuck it on the old credit card...oops.
watch out for any buffets and bad food while youre away!!!
thanks - fairywings
hope your trainings going ok
Seeing as its been around the week, I though I would add this weeks weigh in. I have lost 0lbs and gained 0lbs...lol. So still 11 stone 9.


Personal Trainer
i promise i will weigh in tomorrow....i was a bit bad with junk food and coffee and hot chocolate with cream :eek:

being good today, hopefully wont have put any on :innocent0001:

was a good course though... :D

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