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Tough day, but WI tomorrow!!!

It's funny how stupidly excited I get about getting on those scales! It's been a hard day today (TOTM, bit tetchy, headache, cold :mad:) but now the day is nearly over, I can soon go to bed (I take it 4.50pm is a little early???), and as we all know, tomorrow is another day. Oh, and it's Eastenders tonight so there's a silver lining, eh? ;)
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reaching my goal
Goodluck with you WI , i know how difficult it can be (attm) i find thats my most difficult time on exante ! I wish i could go to bed early but having 3 kids its a no go . Well hope it all goes welll for you and you get the result you want :)
Thanks Rose, I think anything over 1.5lb would be great, that would take me to 2 stone off.
My kids go to be fairly early, and quite honestly I'm usually not too far behind them! Are you finding you need more sleep since starting abstinence?
I know it wasnt aimed at me but have to answer this one anyway.

I find that I need to go to bed pretty early. By 10.30-11pm Im struggling to stay awake. Im waking up really early in the morning though. Most days Im up around 6-6.30am. My alarm hasnt needed to wake me up in ages.
I know it wasnt aimed at me but have to answer this one anyway.
The more the merrier Joanne! I'm usually in bed with my book by 8.30, snoring before 9.30! And yes, up at 6.30ish, but I prefer early mornings to late nights, especially if I'm up before the children and can have a nice quiet mint tea with the news before the mayhem starts!
My god, I sound boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p Hehe, wait til I get to goal!!


I will never give up
good luck with your weigh in i too like going to bed early since doing this diet as if i dont il wanna pick. but my ds of 11 months is awake and teething and im so starving i just wanna go to sleep.lol
but my ds of 11 months is awake and teething and im so starving i just wanna go to sleep.lol
Poor little mite - and you too! :sigh: I remember that bit, just keep reminding yourself it doesn't last forever x

Weighed in this morning, -2.5 lb, happy with that as TOM due, also it means I've lost over 2 stone!!! :D


I will never give up
excellent lucy thats great. my weigh in was yesterday and i lost 3 so that makes my total 2 stone too.


reaching my goal
I find that i always wake up on the sofa because i cant remember falling asleep . Ill be watching a film then the nxt thing i know its early hours :sigh:
Well done everyone on your losses. In regards to sleep at the moment I’ve the other problem I can not sleep at all. On Monday night I was wide awake until five in the morning. I get up at six. I felt so hung over all Tuesday. Never been a good sleeper but definitely feel that since starting Exante my sleep patter has been totally wiped out.
Well my sleep pattern has completely messed up - I've been to bed and stayed there wide awake till about 11:15 and then I've given up and come back downstairs..... only problem is that this keeps happening and I've got to be up at 6 each morning to go to work!

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