Tpotts restart day 28 and off the wagon again!


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Hi All
Well last year I lost 6 stone in four months. I did 5 stone on LL then switched to CD due to the cost. This Thursday will be the 1 year anniversary of me and my good friend Cheb on VLCD! Wow what a year it has been. VLCD are the only type of diet that has ever really worked for me. Believe me, ive tried them all.
I started out at 16 stone 10lb and got down to 10 stone 10lb! I was just so proud of myself for all the hard work it took to get down to a size 10/12. But alas I made the fatal error of taking time out over Autumn and Christmas and now 7 months down the line I have gained 3 stone back I am extremely depressed about the weight gain and do feel rather ashamed of myself. I really feel that I have let myself down badly.
I have really struggled to get back on the SS wagon and keep falling off after 2 or 3 weeks. I must admit that I have not been in the best of health this year, but I am not going to use that as an excuse.
I need to SS untill the 12th of August when my friend is renewing her marriage vows, complete with choccy fountain at the party afterwards! Then I intend to SS all the way to 10 stone then I am going to stabilize!!! I never bothered to stabilize before and of course as soon as I ate any carbs I gained huge amounts back again. Of course I didn't do myself any favours by stuffing myself with cake and all sorts of rubbish! LOL.
So this time I will do things properly and hopefully with the help and support of you all on this wonderfull new forum I will get to the weight I want to be! I really do need to stick to SS this time and I am determind to succeed. I can be slim and I Will be slim! This will be my mantra!

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Tpott, please don't be ashamed of yourself. Ok, you slipped up, but you lost SIX STONES and you only put back 3 - that is fantastic. I know you are cross with yourself for putting any back but you are still learning and now you know the pitfalls it's not going to happen again. I take my hat off to you, 6 stones is a phenomonal weight and you did it. Whats more think how easy it will be to lose 3 this time instead of 6. You will do it no probs! best wishes
Hello Barb :)
Thanyou so much for your lovely post, it really cheered me up!
I really feel that I have turned over a new leaf and this time I will get to my goal and keep the weight off this time.
I just wish I hadn't messed around for the last few months, but dieting is not only a physical thing, it's a mental thing as well and I guess I just had to get my brain in gear! lol. :D
So I am picking myself up, brushing myself down and glugging the water by the bucket load! Today is my first day back on SS and this time I'm sticking to it!
So Barb, which diet are you following? I hope you don't think I'm being too nosey! Please feel free to pop into this diary anytime and together we can get to our goal weight. It's always nice to have a chat with others who have been in the same boat!
Have a lovely day
Tracey :)
Hello Mandyb2
Thankyou for sending me lots of luck, I think I'm definately going to need it lol.:D
Wow! You haven't got very far to go now to get to goal! Well done! You must feel fantastic!
Tracey x
Hey Tracey!

It sounds like you are much more positive now, and that's certainly the best way to think. I love your mantra too! :D

I wish you lots of luck & always come on here for lots of lovely advice when you are low. There are loads of people who have been through what YOU have and it really can help to see how others coped! :)

Very well done to you & good luck!
Hi Tracey, wondered where you had got to!! You can do this - I remember your fire and determination, and the three of you were going gangbusters!! :D Come on, mate, the only way is DOWN!! :cool:
Hi Tulips and D_Q!
It's great to hear from you both! Yes I am definately feeling all fired up and confident now.:) I will do this! I'm on my way to slimdom! LOL. I would dearly love to get to goal before I go on holiday in October. In fact I will be at goal by October! Hows that for determination? LOL :D
Tracey x
Good Evening all :)
Well day 1 back on SS almost completed. So far I have had two of my packs and nearly 5ltrs of water, and yes I am peeing like a race horse lol!
I think this hot weather is helping me stick to my diet. It really is far too hot to eat and this weather certainly makes you thirsty! I did have a bit of a wobble when I cooked the familys dinner, but luckily for me I survived without having a nibble.
I did have a rather a dull evening though, I had to attend my sons school prize giving and the tutors droned on and on and on! But hey at least I did my good mummy bit and turned up! lol. Although it was rather dificult staying awake!
It's a shame really because I was supposed to meet up with the girlies for our usual Tuesday night Fizzy water fest!
We meet up every week to have a gossip and help each other out with our diets. In fact I couldn't cope on any VLCD without them!
Right I'm off to munch on my yummy pack, not sure which one I fancy? Maybe choc mint?
Have a great evening everyone and remember, we deserve to be slim and we will be slim!
So pleased that day 1 has gone ok. You know you can do it and how to keep it off. That's the bit I'm nervous about. I hope tomorrow is just as good.
Hello Irene!
I'm sure your right and tomorrow will go fine, well I hope it does lol. It wont be for the want of trying!
I am terrified that I wont be able to get back to my goal weight, but I'm going to keep at it this time and not listen to my inner chatter box. The main problem before was when I was silly enough to listen to all the compliments people gave me, it all went straight to my head! Because I felt so great about being slimmer I made the mistake of not stableizing and thinking that I could eat what I wanted and get away with it. Of course the weight came back and bit me on the bum! lol. So this time I'm in it for the long haul and I will do things properly.
Good luck with your weight loss, I'm sure you will get to the weight that you want to be and remember to keep posting and let us all know how your getting on.
Tracey :)
Hi Tracey,

I just wanted to say a big WELL DONE on losing the 6 stone and keeping 3 of it off. :D

I noticed you taking about your 'chatterbox'. Have you still got your LL foundation book? If so have you had a read back through it to help get/keep you in the zone? I wonder if this might help :)
Good Morning everyone!
Day 2 on the road to slimdon!
I'm still feeling up beat so I hope this feeling lasts, although I do feel really washed out today. I have such a dreadfull time sleeping, in fact I don't ever really get more than four or five hours sleep per night. :(
Chicken, what a fantastic idea about the old LL book! I will have a dig through the cupboards later for it. I really think you are on to something there, it might just give me the help I need. Thankyou!:D .
OMG I have just had a sneaky weigh and it looks like ive dropped 2lb since yesterday! Can this be right??? I hope it is, but I will not get my hopes up too much just in case it's a fluke! lol.
Right I'm off to glug my first litre of yummy water lol.. ooh what flavour today? Berry? or Orange? Ooh choices choices lol.
:D :D :D
Have a great day everyone!
Tracey x
Hi Tracey, glad you got through day one and are in an even more up beat mood today. It really is all about our heads isn't it? I have got a long way to go and in the past just thinking about it would have been enough to put me off. My inner demon telling me that I've tried before and failed so what's the point. This time is different, I can't honestly tell you why, it just is. I have even told people what I am doing where as in the past I have not told anyone so that I am not embarassed when I fail. It just shows that in the past I was setting myself up to fail. Not this time. We are going to do this and you and I are going to be slimmer, fitter and very much happier. Here's to us (water of course)! Have a lovely day.
love Barb xx
Barb! Thankyou for your kind words! Yes we will be slim, healthy and happy!
Can anyone help me out? I can't seem to change the weight on my tracker! I have followed the instructions on the newcomers thread, but I must be doing something wrong. It's not changing at all. :confused: :confused: :confused:
Help! lol. I'm really not very good at techy type stuff!
Tracey x
I have just done mine. I clicked on my ticker to take me to the site and got into the weightloss bit and then changed the lbs.

Then I copy and pasted the bbcode - scroll down the page and it is the top big link, not the url - into my signature bit on this board.

You can then click on the right botton to preview your signature to make sure to copy and pasted the right link and save it when you actually see your shoes come up :D
OMG now I don't have a tracker at all!
What on earth am I doing wrong???? I hate computers lol.
I did it! I'm still not sure how I did it, but I did it! Yippeeee!!!