Tpotts restart day 28 and off the wagon again!

Hi Tracey,

Sorry to hear you've not been well.

Thinking of you and sending hugs from your gang at MiniMins

Perking up!

Hello All
Thankyou for your kind words. I am feeling very much better now, I started back on SS today and am feeling much more positive.
I really want to get myself sorted out and get slim, fit and healthy!
Have a great evening
Tracey x
tpott said:
Hello All
I really want to get myself sorted out and get slim, fit and healthy!
Have a great evening
Tracey x

Blooming good job really because that is what you are on the road to doing :D
Good Morning Everyone!
Well after several large blips over the last few days I am now back on top form.
I have got to stick to this 100% or I will look a right biffa at my friends wedding blessing. I tried my outfit on yesterday and although the skirt fits my huge belly is hanging out and looks very yucky indeed. So SS all the way for me, I'm not even sure I will eat at the wedding. I will see how I feel on the day!
Guess what Ive done to my hair now? I'm now blond LOL. It's taking me a bit to get used to it, but it's not too bad. Not sure what my freinds will think when they see me! It's a bit shocking! LOL. My hubby likes it though!
I love this Glitter signature thingy! I copied it off of you isobel!
Have a great day!
Hahahahah Snap, Cheb! I just suggested MKs on YOUR thread!!!!! Whoohoooo!

So is it the same wedding you're both going to on the 12th?

Big Belly and even bigger knickers!!!

Yes Isobel It is the same wedding we are going to! It's our very good friend Helym! She is Nikkies best friend, my close friend and mine and Nikkies CDC as well!
Have just looked online for some suck in the bulgy bits pants at M&S! Have ordered them up and hope they get here in time for the big day! Just hope I don't get any bigger by the big day! LOL. Oh well will just have to be a very very good girl and slurp those shakes!
Aww that sounds fab - I love a good wedding, me! lol
Well you've got 12 days, hun - miracles can happen in that time! Keep on glugging the water and you could be loads skinnier by the time the big day comes around. Hope the MK arrive in time and do the trick - belt and braces, huh? lol

How are you doing today? Sticking with it and getting that belly tamed?:eek:

Tomorrow's the day eh? Finally, perhaps somebody will get you sorted and back to work, I miss you.

You'll be very proud of me cos I've not had a nibble since Sunday, and I grated cheese for DD yesterday, not a crumb passed my lips, oh excuse me have to polish my halo.........

That's better, all shiny now:D

Good luck tomorrow, let me know how it goes.

Hi Nikkie
Yes tomorrows the big day! I'm a little nervous, but I will be relieved to see the consultant. I just want to find out whats wrong with me and get fixed pretty darn quick! I really need to get better and get back to work... I hate being at home all day and believe it or not I really miss being at work! ;)
Still havn't quite got the belly under control yet, but its a work in progress lol. :D
I will let you know how I get on at the hospital.
Take care
Hi Tracey

hope the hospital visit goes ok. You keep slurping your shakes and those knickers will probably be too big!


Sorry to hear that you do not get any real answers at the hospital today. At least you're 'in the system' now. Keep your chin up and whatever you do, don't turn to food; it'll make you hurt and make your wedding outfit tighter than mine.

When Helly gets back, she's going to try to sort out our holiday.......get practising!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good Morning all you lovely people!
Thankyou all so much for your kind words of support yesterday, it was very much apreciated :)
Well I had my apointment with the top doc at the hospital. I have been poked, prodded. I have had loads of blood tests which they insisted I came out of ketosis for and I have to poo in to a very small pot! But they still don't know whats wrong with me! The consultant was a pleasant enough sort of chap, but he said he hadn't got a clue whats wrong with me and will have to wait for the results of these tests then go on a waiting list to have a camera down my throat! Yikes! To make matters worse I'm now out of ketosis very depressed and my flipping Mum phoned and said " of course I had the camera down my throat a few years back and of course they don't bother to sedate most people these days" ! So wasn't that helpfull of her! :mad: . Family eh, cant live with em.......
I am trying very hard to get back on SS today, but I'm really struggling. I have got to do it though. I am getting so depressed about my weight and my health. I need a good kick up the bum! Please feel free to kick me! It will be for my own good! LOL.
Nikkie, yes I think I had better start practicing my belly dancing today! lol. Although where on earth I'm going to find holiday money from I really don't know. But I will think of something! Hmmmmm how much would soap factories pay for my fat lol :D :D :D :D Could be a nice earner lol !
Have a great day everyone!
Hi Tracey, my husband had the camera down the throat thing a couple of years ago; they gave him a really lovely drug that gave hime happy awake dreams and he has no memory of the procedure at all. Within the hour he was drinking tea and eating a biscuit and said he did not know what all the fuss was about. So try not to worry hon, think of the drugs!
Hi Tracey,

Sorry to hear after all that you still have got to go through some more test to see what is up with you. It does take about three weeks for all the blood tests to come back, well here it does...?

We are all here for you sending hugs and prayers.

Your name looks lovely in glitter...:D

Love Mini xxx