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Hi all

I am a 33yo male needing to lose 3-4 stones. I have two friends who were on CD, one lost loads of weight and then put it back on. The other lost loads of weight and has kept if off. She looks amazing!

I tried going down the fitness route and went from 0 to 5k runs. Problem was as soon as I went outside to run I got injured because I was carrying too much weight. I dont want to only run in the gym so want to lose some weight fast so I can get back into.

The one thing that is holding me back is that I work in travel and have to travel quite a lot with my job. For instance tomorrow afternoon I am in Holland for a week, thats followed by 2 weeks in the office then 5 days in London...

What do you recommend? Can I take CD stuff with me? Can i do this diet on the road? Or will it just not work?

Also for instance the two weeks I am here, can I go on the diet and then come off it (but eat very sensible) for the days I am away?

Any help appreciated!
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When i travel i take the ready made milkshakes and bars so no need for a kitchen,
Also i take a few soups just in case i find a kettle,

Im sure a CDC will be along shortly to help more.

Good luck

Start Weight 14 s 3lbs
Week 1 = 04/09/08 -5
Week 2 = 11/09/08 -2 (totm)
Week 3 = 18/09/08 -4
Week 4 = 25/09/08 -5
Week 5 = 02/10/08 -4
Week 6 = 09/10/08+4 (on hols)
Week 7 = 16/10/08 -8


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personal opinion, that starting and stopping wont work, you will be coming in & out of ketosis. the first few days while getting into ketosis is quite hard, you really dont want to keep doing that.

you could have tetras and bars when travelling, makes it easier. but i found carrying my blender with me better as you can get bored without the choice of flavours.
my cdc lets me buy up to a month at a time, once you`ve had a few weekly check ins.
good luck with it.
I think unless you are going to be in places without running water then there's no reason why you can't take shakes and your cambridge shaker. I agree the soups are harder to do on the go but again if you've got access to hot water you can make them. I would pack all your sachets for the week and maybe get some spares, your shaker, a mug and if you haven't already got one a cappacinno milk frother. If your in sweden try Ikea as we just picked up 4 of them cause they are 99p there at the moment and are really good for mixing the soups in a mug. Good Luck!
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You can certainly do this on the move! This Summer I went on holiday on the back of my boyfriend's motorbike for two weeks - I packed all my shakes, soups and my blender bottle into the pannier and managed to stick to it. I have also gone on numerous business trips and took everything with me. I knew if I used the travelling as an excuse not to stick to it I would never even get started on the diet!!!!!

If I was staying in hotels I'd take a jug and hand blender with me as I had a clsoe scrape with a shaker and a soup!!! (I thought you couldn't use the shakers for soups becuase the shaker might melt - I didn't count on the steam building up and exploding a soup all over a hotel room and me - luckily I wear glasses or I could've had a eye out!!!)

Good luck with it!!!

Carol x
Hi NixonUK - I am in exactly the same boat as you. I have to travel abroad every week and I also get free food and business meals out every night on the company! It's hard, it really is. Especially when my colleagues all go out for dinner every night, but I put my tetras (shakes ready made in a carton) in the mini bar fridge. I have my bar a I also have a little handheld mechanical whisk which is good for making shakes with mineral water in my hotel room. I put all of my CD packs in my suitcase - last week my luggage went missing which wasn't ideal and I was without CD packs for x2 days, but I have been doing this diet and travelling abroad every single week since July and it has been fine. VERY difficult, but not impossible.

Good luck!


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Ditto Ruth, I tend to stick to Tetra packs, its not easy but it is possible. Sounds like there is a few of us that have the same away from home dilema's

Keep safe

K x
Thanks for the great advice all. When I went home last night I really felt that I wouldnt be able to do this diet because of my lifestyle.

Ruth I am encouraged by your experiences as it sounds the same as mine. One of the contributing factors to me being fat is I get invited to so many business dinners and lunches!!!

I dont think its feasible for me to carry around jugs etc but I did buy the manual blender thing so that could suffice.

Pete, thanks for the heads up about the frother I will look into that!
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Is your CDC in Sweden?? Could you not register with a CDC in London and then get tetras from him/her??

Starting and then stopping CD doesn't work well ..... believe me it is soooooooooo HARD to get back on track after a break!
Thanks Ms Green Eyes.

I guess its an option. I am registered with a CDC here at the moment, I like the fact I can speak with someone face to face but I know the tetras would be so much better for me.

Do you think they travel well?
S: 15st3lb C: 13st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 1st6lb(9.39%)
Yes tetras travel well - not in hand luggage on a plane - but in a suitcase they are fine. Double wrap them just to be on the safe side - but I've never had a problem. They are heavy mind - so allow for that in your suitcase!

Flavour wise there are strawberry, choc and banana and you can have them as they are (straw provided) frozen, in a glass with extra water or in a mug with hot water. I also add banana or choc ones to coffee.

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