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Treating it all as brand new!


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Hi folks :)
After having gone off the rails for quite a while I have decided not to treat this as a restart but as something totally new to me and I have managed to get myself in the frame of mind I had when I started - that this is an amazing diet and it will give wonderful results. I am already excited for next Thursday's first weigh in and I know it's going to be like Christmas when I see how much has dropped off in the first week.
I have changed my ticker to reflect only my goal from now to mid June. I am going to take it in little chunks.
Chunk one is what I have already done
24st 5 -- 19 st 0
Chunk 2 is this one and is going to be
21st 5.5lbs to 18 stones
So here I am 20st 5.5 and counting - off to have my first soup of the day. I am going to make it to 18 st by June 15th and then will re-evaluate and decide on chunk 3 :)
I love CD and I love the fact I have managed to get myself excited about it again.
Happy happy happy :)
Bring on the soup!

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Mad as a Hatter
Good for you hunni

Wish I could get myself into this frame of mind as well - I have started out each day with shakes only to succumb to wine and food in the evening

Think I need to give myself a big talking to this weekend and see what falls out of the other end

Well done on what you have already done and good luck on your journey going forward

Im the same my first week was pants lol i only lost 4lbs good considerin how bad i was!
think ill take ur idea!

good luck! xx


loving life
Hi hun, well done you for your great weightloss so far and fantastic positive attitude. You will be at goal in no time with positive thinking like that. Good luck sweetie xx.


hoping for a good loss
Loving your attitude hun. well done on your losses so far.

Charlie xx


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What a great attitude to take and what an amazing loss so far - well done. I'm heading for 17 stone as the end of my first chunk - that takes me to obese not morbidly obese (bleugh)
Hope you enjoy your restart and see some fab losses this week! :)


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Many thanks! It's hard going but in a couple of days it will be fine - I will enjoy my journey on the second chunk - and look forward to getting slimmer!


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you sound really positive alex which is fantastic! good luck xx


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Thanks so much for the encouragement. I am really looking forward to the wonderful results and feeling good.
Welcome back, and good luck. I have just had Easter off,and am back to my cd packs today,however still just on my see-saw.Am really trying now to be 100 per cent until 23rd April when I go to Dublin for weekend with Mr T and his best pal n wife.......for the last couple of weeks,I've even slipped up allowing myself a glass of vino in the week -I just want to prove to myself I can go booze free for more than a couple of nights again,as well as getting rid of my easter excess and gee who knows even making the 5st mark,the closest I get is 4st 12.
However am still pleased with where I am,and so glad that I have minimins and my cd packs to turn to after a long weekend of eating like the old Mrs T-I am still convinced that had i been on sw and stopped at xmas I would have put on most of my weight by now,or have beaten myself up with guilt.
Good luck X
Welcome back, you sound very organised! Welcome back to you too MrsT.


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Thanks so much for the encouragement. I am really looking forward to the wonderful results and feeling good.
In your first post on this thread you say that...
I have managed to get myself in the frame of mind
I feel this is so true and it is magic when you do get into the 'right frame of mind':)

Good to hear you are doing so well and I wanted to wish you all the best for weigh in on Thursday AlexIce.

Welcome back Mrs T and good luck with being 100%, good luck with breaking your 4st 12lb barrier!


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Thanks Mini :) I feel good because I am in control again and I am determined to get a healthy body!


Mad as a Hatter
Morning - how are you doing ?

I've decided that I am restarting today so just had my first shake of the day but can't face my water just yet..

Need to do something - and beat my last attempt of 10 days...


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Hi Madferret - I am doing well and feeling good!
Yesterday evening I went for a decent walk. I got a little hungry at night but had a long drink of water and went to bed. This morning I slept really late. I find that I sleep like a log on CD. I work evenings so that's not a problem. Today I am ready for another day of 100%. I know I need to stay 100% to get to my next goal point and feel good in the summer.
Hope you have a good day too!

and to everyone who is struggling with this diet - remember as long as you are struggling, you are winning. The moment you give in and give up, you are no longer winning! Try to enjoy those feelings of hunger - cos it means you are succeeding!

hugs folks!


likes to post
Hi AlexIce well done on staying 100% could do with some of your positive vibes.

I'm on day one of restart and so far so good had 2 shakes and 4 pints of water if I can make it past day 3 and into ketosis I know I will feel much better.

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