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Treats and snacks for 150 calories or less.

Post your ideas for treats and snacks with less than 150 calories here. As they are treats they are outside the 5% fat rule so its just the calories you need to look at. Please make sure you enter the calories for the product you are posting, and start a new thread for the different types of treats eg crisps, biscuites, chocolate bars, cakes etc. It will make finding things easier. If a thread exists for example crisps, and what you are wanting to add isn't there, just add your food item into that thread. Hope you follow me, otherwise we will spend ages trying to find things. Thank you.:D
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Ambrosia low fat rice pudding pot only 117 cals a pot and only 0.9 grams fat per 100 grams, i like to heat them up in microwave and add a tsp of strawberry jam, still only makes it about 130 cals :D
Walkers French Fries

Ready salted 83 calories
Salt and vinegar 84 calories
Cheese and onion 84 calories

Walkers squares
Ready salted 99 calories
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[STRIKE][/STRIKE]Mr Kippling - per cake

Almond slice 125 calories
Bakewell slice 150 calories
Battenberg mini 138 calories
Butterfly 114 calories
Choclate chip cake bar 147 calories
French fancies 107 calories
Lemon slices sponge 119 calories
Victoria slice 120 calories
Victoria sponge (individual) 142 calories
Viennese whirl 139 calories


is getting better at it
yes my dad gets them for me every week i also like the little marmite ones as well but dont know the cals of them yet
they are so easy and no need to weigh and cut up and eat the excess
Hi, I'm trying to plan ahead for when I can eat again, and I'm hoping that someone can tell me where I can buy Rosemary Conley ready made porridge please? I think it is available in cane sugar & maple syrup and you just pop them in the microwave

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Asda smart price - maize snacks

1. onion rings 73 cals & 4.1 g fat
2. Salt & vinegar sticks 97cals 4.6g fat
3. Chesse puffs 85cals 4.9g fat

Really great treat/snack idea within your calorie and money budget as they are really cheap to buy

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