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Treats for Feats

Alright kids, let's get one thing straight. It's gonna be a slog. At times you might want to quit. You might even dream about food.

How do you help yourself stay focused?

Decide right now on something that you want (nothing too big or expensive) for each stone that you lose. Start with something small for the first stone. Maybe a new bubble bath or that luxury moisturiser. For the second stone perhaps a new haircut or those sexy shoes you've been eyeing?

Think of a couple of treats for your feats to come and stick to them! It'll give you something to look forward to and to work towards.

List 'em here so we have a record and I want to see people indulging and rewarding themselves for their hard work along the way!

1st - Buy myself a nice new book.

2st - A new game for the Wii

3st - Some sexy new shoes

4st - A charm for my Pandora bracelet

5st - A hair appointment at a luxury salon or a few spa treatments

What are yours?

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I will be skinny again!!!
1 - some new make up
2 - a budda pandora charm
3 - get my hair done


if im over 14stone then ill get gel nails done when I get to goal!

what a lovely idea, you've got me thinking:flirt2:

ummm...think i need to rope my hubby into this one!!

will get back to you :)


Life is not a Rehersal!
Brill post!!

Right, here goes...

First stone
Eye lash tint (never had one and would love to have it done).

Second stone
A nice piece of jewlery (not sure what yet, but love rings, so might go for a ring)

Goal of 10 stone
A new outfit for the 2-3 reunions I am organising in Scotland!!!

If I get to 9 something without looking gawnt, I would love a bikini, or a new tankini in a much smaller size!!!!!!!!


I love my purdy shoes
I want to get into all my new clothes I hardly wore last year...i'm running out of fat clothes because I got rid of em all lol grrr...the first thing i'm going to buy is a new dress....thinner clothes are so much cheaper :D


Silver Member
Hubby got me a pandora bracelet for Christmas and want the safety chain and some clips.

SO at 10st 4lb, which is just below my lowest weight last year, I will get my safety chain.... its cute but €76..oops!!

At 9st 10lb I will buy a clip.

At goal another clip and a sparkly charm of my choice!

Every month thereafter I will buy myself a charm if I remain within 2lb of my goal weight of 9st 4lb..............

By July my bracelet will be gorgeous and I will be slim!
Seriously? It's only us that are going to reward ourselves for our efforts? Come on guys and dolls!! We can do better than this - share your future indulgences!! :D
I'm all up for giving myself treats:

1 stone - minx pedicure
1 1/2 stone - new bag
2 stone - a pair of leopard print shoes
2 1/2 stone - a pair of jeans that suit my new butt
goal - hair extensions

Gosh, I'd better start saving now....

Sam xx


Getting lewdwith the food
1 stone - flights to see a friend
1.5 stone - hair appointment (it's a bit rooty at the moment)
2 stone - proper holiday booked!
2.5 stone - jeans (I've been too fat to feel confident in them for a while). If large hips still problematic, may go to more specialist retailer.
3 stone - to be determined...

I like the idea of a charm bracelet - would be good to have something permanent to remind me not to trough so much pasta!


Glug Glug Glug
1stone - New cheapo mp3
2stone- Hair cut and dyed
3stone- Pandora bracelet, always wanted one.
4stone- pandora charms
5stone- A new dress
6stone- A necklace from the blue wing gallery
7stone- New outfit. Jeans, top, shoes
8stone- hmm i need to think of something special for that one
14 lbs - new book
28 lbs - visit hairdresser for new look
42 lbs - ??
56 lbs - new set of sexy underwear
61 lbs - goal - make an beauty spa appointments for work to be done

will update when i can think of something suitable nice for me as its usually for someone else :)

h x
OK OK OK!!! If I must!!!! lol xox

Seriously? It's only us that are going to reward ourselves for our efforts? Come on guys and dolls!! We can do better than this - share your future indulgences!! :D
Im going to add my treats to my signature now! :)


Getting fat since 1980
that's it! Rainbow Brite, you're a genius! :D
i'm going to use this opportunity to start my Pandora (i'm spotting a theme lol) bracelet.
At each lost stone i'll buy a new 'thing' for it... (obviously i'll have to go shopping at the weekend for the chain...) :p
Congrats on getting ur first stone off! Never had the eye lash thing, let em know how that gioes babe!! xox

I got my first goal on monday, but havent got to get my bracelet yet!! Really want to do that tomorrow....
Hmm... new shoes is next on the list.... must get picking!! lol xxx
kk ive had a think and this is what ive come up with...

get to 175lb--- back massage
get to 150lb---clip in hair extensions
get to 135lb---back massage
get to 126lb---goal summer wardrobe
yaay i cant wait :D x
Excellent choices Bells :)

Yo new starters or restarters! Get your bums on here and pick out some treats for yourselves! :D


Success leads to success
Well I got to my one stone loss today, so I will be looking to have my eye lash tints :) Never had them before, and I AM VERY EXCITED :)

Anyone had this done..what is the procedure?
Ooooh, it very relaxing Iris, usually involves, the removal of makeup, the application on the dye, they use like a plastic rim to hold them above the eye, then 10-15 mins later, it is removed, its very relaxing, they usually give a face msk as well, but dependss wht you booked in for. if it is your first tint on the face what-soever, you will have to have a skin test first- a small patch of dye placed behind the ear. No need for mascara and lovely black eyelashes. You can have them permed too, which can last around 6-8 weeks :D
Hmmmm this has me thinking now!!!!:D

1st stone - manicure, i've never had a professional one!!!!:happy036:
2nd Stone - Wii Fit :gimi:
3rd Stone - Some new make up:heartpump:
4th Stone - a nice piece of jewellery:queen:
5th Stone - night at the theatre:happy096:
6th Stone - teeth whitening:D
7th Stone - whole new wardrobe:party0049::party0049::party0049:

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