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Trying really hard but I think I'm failing - motivation please!


Cute, but psycho!
Hi all,

I decided that this week, as I need 2.5lbs off to get my 3.5 stone award, that I would be 100% on plan as much as I could.
I had a couple of hot cross buns on Good Friday and we went to my Mum's for the day on Easter Sunday so I had a bit of a flexi day as she makes all her own breads, and stuff so it was hard to calculate (but I didn;t go mad)
I have been given many eggs but have vowed not to touch them until after weigh in on Thursday evening as I want to lose the afore mentioned 2.5lbs
However...I've weighed myself at home and i seem to be going UP not down in weight...I'm feeling deprived as I have choccy which I'm not letting myself eat.
I don't think I'm going to manage this loss...what should I do?
Motivation please!
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Reached Target. woohoo
Come on hun, you have done fantastic and imagine how you will feel if you start putting the weight back on after all your hard work to lose it, think it will soon be summer and i am looking forward to it personally as now i'm at target i will be more comfortable in the hot (we hope) weather. Give away your chocolate if its causing you to want it too much or if you can be disaplined have it as a treat after weigh in. Throw it in the freezer broken up and count it as syns if you want to. Hope this helps hun. xxx Loobylou


Cute, but psycho!
I never give myself targets as I never seem to achieve them....and so I'm regretting setting myself the 2.5lbs as it seems to be going the same way.
We're going to Scarborough on Friday where I plan to relax and perhaps even have some chips! So, I'm using that as a motivation (that, and choccy after WI) but I'm just finding it really hard to stay on plan in a way that I don't normally. It's not even the choc, it's the fact that I want the weight loss this week.
I find it so hard when I set myself targets-its almost as if I am setting myself up not to achieve them if that makes sense! Write everything down you eat, and try as hard as poss to stick to the plan-get some of your fave free foods in to snack on. You have worked so hard to get to where you are-and what a loss!! you may or may not get the loss you want this week-maybe put that to one side, and instead concentrate on sticking to the plan-then it wont be long until you are celebrating! Good luck hun xx


I'm the tortoise.
I agree with Tracey. It's clear how much you want it, but to beat yourself up about it is beside the point. You need to enjoy it too. You've only got a couple of days, and if you don't hit your target, who cares, you'll get it next week. Never sneaky weigh, it only makes you feel worse.


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Don't put pressure on yourself. You can only control what you put in your mouth - you can't controlwhat your body does with it or whether you actually lose or not. Everyone has weeks where they are 100% but don't lose and yes it is frustrating but at the end of the day you didn't ruin it for yourself it's just one of those things. Setting targets is dangerous as you have no control over what your body loses but you feel like you have failed if you don't achieve the target. Just promise you will be 100% that's all you can control.
Oh and have a lovely weekend away and enjoy the chips - you deserve them and it won't make or break your weight loss journey!


Cute, but psycho!
I know that I can do it another week...but I want it for this week as my consultant is leaving on Thursday (it's her last class) and I want to do it for her as much as me...


This is really the time!
Now that is putting pressure on yourself! I did that last week, as I wanted to get under 20 stone. So, I felt so pressured, that it all collasped, I starting picking a put 1lb on.

Just relax, re-read the book you know so well and fill your tummy with super free foods. That is my plan. Emptying the shelves of spinach and stir fry veg in Asda tomorrow lol

You have done sooo well. Good luck chick xxx
Hi Jes, i feel for you as its horrid when you want something, and you have stuck to it, but it may not happen. All you can do is for tomorrow and Thursday is no sins, stick to the plan 100% and excercise and see where you are at for WI. If you dont manage the 2 1/2 dont be hard on yourself-pick yourself up and come back on here-we are all here for you. Good luck tracey x


Cute, but psycho!
Thanks folks.
I've not had any alcohol this week (normally have some wine on a sat night) and am not eating any easter choccy either. I'm avoiding syns, but not being silly about it. I'm basically being as good as I can be now....had some fruit salad with a muller tonight and we've walked about more than usual so far this week.
Frankly I'm not sure what else I can be doing - I just want this award SO much for Thursday! *sigh*
I'm never usually bothered...well I am, but I'm usually 'I'll get it when I get it', you know?
If nothing else, this has reminded me *never* to set myself a target! *lol*


This is really the time!
Sounds like you are doing great. All you can do now is relax, so your body can do it's 'thang' and hope for a loss :)


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