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Discussion in 'Maintenance Diaries' started by dess, 4 February 2013 Social URL.

  1. dess

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    Always feeling rubbish with me weight since I stopped smoking! Going to start the 3 day apple diet tomorrow! Nothing but apples!
    I've been exercising a lot as well lately and feeling very big and bloated :(
    A detox should be just what I need!
    I will keep you posted re results!
    Some have lost up to 10 pounds!
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    Good luck with your plan - not sure if eating just apples is very nutritionally sound though! How about having a plan of having about 600 calories per day and cooking something mainly protein based (no carbs) - that should make the bloat go away. The 10lbs you are speaking of will be water weight rather than fat - which is usually what makes us feel really bloated and puffy!

    If anything I suggest trying Slim & Save for a few days - it'll work the same as the 'apple plan' you have worked out. :)

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