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T's Food Diary Part Two


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Well after a terrible few days (and i do mean terrible!) i thought it was time to draw a line under it, so i thought i would start a new food diary and get off my next stone. I have lost 1 already but i think when i get on the scales this Saturday it maybe a different story. If i can lose the other 1 stone by Christmas Day i will be over the moon.
So here we go again, if you see anything that is not right please let me know, in the past i have not been too strict but as i going for it this time any help or advise will be appreciated.
Minimins helps so much to lose weight and i feel keeping a food diary to be invaluable. Also reading others diaries always assists in giving you ideas and keeping your diary varied.
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Wednesday - Green Day
I dont normally do Green days but found a wonderful recipe for Chickpea Dhal Loaf that i really wanted to try so thought lets give green a go for the day.

Breakfast - 2 slices of bread from a 400g loaf made into soliders and 2 soft boiled eggs. Cup of tea - splash of milk = 1 syn

Lunch - Cold Chickpea Dhal Loaf, with Lettuce, Tomatoes and Red Onion.

Tea - Not sure yet either Cheese, Spinach and Bacon Omellette or Free Mushroom and Ham Pizza made with Tesco Value Mash Potato Mix.

Syns - Not sure yet.
This is what i plan for the day but i will confirm later what i have actually eaten, i find it easier to plan and then change my mind if necessary.


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Hi Theresa. Good idea to keep a diary of highs lows and food as well, nip into others too and that'll give you ideas, look on the recipe section, you can never get bored. I've got one on here, feel free to nip in if you like. Also there is a brill support group as well, "From here to Eternally Slim". Brilliant bunch of lovelies all offering support, guidance and tips.. If you fancy looking in, please do xx


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Well yesterday did go off plan in the end as England won the cider flowed and then attended a barbi where i had burger and hotdog. It is so annoying when all your good intentions go out the window. Oh well today is a new day with no football so should be easier to stick to plan.


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Wednesday - Extra Easy

Breakfast - 2 slices of wholemeal bread from a 400g loaf, 2 slices of Low Low Cheese, Slice of Ham, 10 cherry tomatoes

Lunch - 2 slices of thick white bread = 10 syns, Baked Beans and a Summerfruits Mullerlight

Snacks - Banana, Orange Mullerlight with Chocolate Bits

Tea - Pasta and Bolognese Sauce with a small green salad, Lettuce, Cucumber, Tomato to start.

Syns today so far is 10, stll have enough for a little treat tonight. So i have made the 1/2 syn roulade strawberry and blackberry really looking forward to it, waiting for it to cool so i can make it up, it really looks yummy..........

Syns for today 10 1/2 great day and rounding it up with a strawberry and blackberry roulade
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Well after only being on plan for 1 day last week, i have gained 4lbs.
This is the most i ever put on in 1 week but i have been really bad and had everything and anything so this week i need to be extra good. This will be hard as i going out drinking tonight and tomorrow but i will count my syns and try and keep them down for the rest of the week accordingly.

Yesterday i went shopping with my best friend for her wedding and found the bridesmaid dress i am to were in June next year, i would like to lose some more weight before that wedding so today is the start of my journey.


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Saturday - Red Day

Breakfast - 2 Weetabix, with Blackberries and Strawberries
Lunch - Barbeque Meats, Pork Steak, Lamb and Chicken Kebabs with Lettuce, Tomatoes, Red Onion, Mixed Peppers, Celery
Snack - Fab Lolly - 4 syns
Tea - Salt Beef Sandwich, Quavers - 4 syns, Dairy Milk - 5 syns

Night Out - 33 syns for alcohol.

This week i going to count syns for whole week and take them off as i go so i now have 59 syns left for this week. Out today to watch footy so maybe i wont be snacking on crisps and choc but i will lose at least one of those four pounds put on........


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Sunday - Extra Easy

Breakfast - 2 Weetabix with Sweetener and Milk
Lunch - Arribatta Chicken with Pasta
Tea - Ham Sandwich with 2 slices of White Bread - 8 syns

Total for day 8 syns this leaves me 51 syns for the week


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Monday - Green Day

Breakfast - 56g Bacon - 4 syns, Grilled Baby Plum Tomatoes, Large Mushroom

Lunch - 4 Ryvitas, 2 slices of Low Low Cheese, Sliced Cucumber and Sliced Cherry Tomatoes

Tea - 57g Pork Steak, with Aubergine, Tomato and Feta Stacks from this months magazine.

Tea was amazing i recommend you all try the Aubergine, Tomato and Feta Stacks they are gorgeous.

Snacks - I had work to do tonight so that kept me busy but i did end up also making a Choc Fudge, Strawberry and Raspberry Roulade It is only 3 syns for whole thing and i think it is 6 slices so 0.5 syns per slice, i had two.
Syns today so far - 5, 46 syns left
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Tuesday* - Extra Easy

Breakfast - Smoked Salmon, 2 Eggs Scrambled, Banana

Snack - Slice of Choc Fudge, Strawberry and Raspberry Roulade - 1/2 syn

Lunch - Aubergine, Tomato and Feta Stack with White Rice and Rocket
Summerfruits Mullerlight

Tea - Pasta Shells with Bolognese Sauce

Snacks - Satsuma and Fun Size Mars Bar 4 syns
Packet of Chipsticks - 5 syns, Jaffa Cake - 2.5 syns
SW Bacon, Mushroom, Onion , Tomato Syn Free Egg Flan

Syns today so far 4 1/2 syns
Total left for the week 41 1/2 syns
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Hi there lou i followed the 1/2 syn roulade recipe however for the quark filling i added an Options Choc Fudge Brownie to the quark, 3 syns and chopped strawberries and raspberries.

If i am honest the Options White Choc one tastes better mixed with the quark and the whole thing is only 2 syns.

You should try it tastes quite good for something that is so low in syns.
Just had to write this down so i remember

Fish and Chip Supper Tomorrow

1/2 regular portion of chips - 8.5 syns
Tub of Mushy Peas - Free
Large piece of fish with batter removed - Free
2 slices of Wholemeal Bread - He

So a fish supper for 8.5 syns i am having this tomorrow, i will tomorrow evening have fruit for dessert to counteract not have sf veg with meal.

Wednesday* Extra Easy

Breakfast - Choc, Fudge Alpen Light Bar, Banana, Apple

Lunch - Bolognese with Pasta Shells, Orange and Chocolate Mullerlight

Snack Choc, Fudge Alpen Light

Tea - 1/2 regular portion of chips - 8.5 syns
Tub of Mushy Peas - Free
Large piece of plaice with batter removed - Free
Small piece of cod with batter removed - Free

Snacks - Banana, Salt and Vinegar Chipsticks - 5, Mullerlight New York Style - 1

Syns so far today - 16.5 syns

Syns left for the week - 27 syns
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Wednesday* Extra Easy

Breakfast - Choc, Fudge Alpen Light Bar, Banana, Apple

Lunch - Bolognese with Pasta Shells, Orange and Chocolate Mullerlight

Snack Choc, Fudge Alpen Light

Tea - 1/2 regular portion of chips - 8.5 syns
Tub of Mushy Peas - Free
Large piece of plaice with batter removed - Free
Small piece of cod with batter removed - Free

Syns so far today - 8.5 syns

Syns left for the week - 33 syns
SW is great isn't it......to resist the batter takes some doing though, think I'd have to get my hubbie to remove and eat before I saw it lol
Thanks for the roulade tip....must try


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Thursday* - Red Day

Breakfast - Chocolate and Orange Alpen Light, Banana

Lunch - 57g Wholemeal Roll, Tuna, Salt, Vinegar, Pepper, Mixed Peppers, Cucumber, Tomato and Lettuce
3 slices of syn free Bacon, Onion, Mushroom, Tomato Flan

Snack - Chocolate Fudge Alpen Light

Tea - Marks and Spencers Lean Steak Chunks in Gravy - Free
Spinach, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Carrots, Sprouts, 84g new potatoes boiled in skins - 3 syns

Snacks - Muller inspired Strawberry Cheesecake - 1 syn, 1 1/2 pieces of McVities Jamaica Ginger Cake - 7 syns, Banana

Syns today so far - 11 syns
Syns left over for week -16
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Friday* - Red Day

Breakfast - Banana, Alpen Light Orange and Chocolate - 3 1/2 syns

Lunch - Wholemeal Roll, Roast Beef, Salt

Tea - Homemade Chicken Curry and 227g Baked Potato
Mullerlight Inspired by Strawberry Cheesecake - 1 syn

Total syns for day - 4 1/2 syns


Salt and Vinegar Chipsticks - 5 syns, Ginger Cake - 4 1/2 syns, Cadbury Light Mouse - 3 syns

Weigh in tomorrow hopefully i have dropped at least one of the four i put on last week
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Yippee, i lost 2lbs. I have now lost 12lbs since i started i am really pleased with this result it just shows if you stick to plan it does work.
Lets see if we can repeat it this week.


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Saturday* - Green Day

Breakfast - Oat So Simple with Sweetener, Banana
Lunch - 3 egg omelette, with spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, 42g low fat cheese, this was totally yummy and i could only eat 1/2 as very filling.
Snack - Vimto Lolly - 1 1\2 syns

103 1/2 syns left for week

flexible syn sat went for drinks
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Sunday * - Extra Easy

No Breakfast got a really sore throat so did not have any.

Lunch - 57g wholemeal bread, 2 slices of low low cheese, Tomato and Ham Toasted Sandwich

Snacks -2 Packet of Aldi French Fries - 9 syns
1 slice of Almond Cake - 5 syns
1 sugarfree jelly - 1.5 syns
2 Plums

Tea - Chicken Curry and Rice
Frozen Grapes
Neopolatain Wafer - 4.5 syns

20 syns today

83.5 syns left for week
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