Tues WI


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Hi everyone
Ive not had a brilliant wekk I ve nibbled every day I dont know why.
So when I got weighed today I have maintained which I suppose is better than a gain
Anyway Im going to take my own advice and take 1 day at a time and do my very best to get back on track

all the best guys with your wi's
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Hi Hun, I know exactly where your coming from this week, it has been a really hard one for me too but the good news is you maintained. Chin up and keep smiling you are doing great.
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well done hun at least ya maintened rather than gaining anything. So at the end of the day as ya said yourself take each day as it comes and dont dwell on the past. Gud luck for next week hun


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Well done maintaining...it could of been worse,good luck with getting back on track this week!!! Caz xx


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S: 18st0lb C: 15st4lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 39.1 Loss: 2st10lb(15.08%)
cheers guys


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This cold weather isn't helping at the moment and everywhere you look now there are adverts for Christmas goodies - its starting to drive me mad.

Now you have had one week of little cheats I am sure you will be extra good this week and have a great loss next Tuesday. Good luck Hun.


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Keep going hun, I know its a mad struggle sometimes but I am sure it will just click in your head & a maintain is far better than my state right now.
Good luck hun


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Well at least you didn't put any weight on, so you haven't done any harm. Just try and remember how much you want to lose weight. :)