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****Tuesday Hour by hour*****

Hi girls, I'm slow off the mark this morning, only had half al itre, better go and rectify it :)

Hope your all well xxxxx
i think its great, not been able to eat all my points yet but am getting there.xx


Trying to stay healthy!
Afternoon everyone, well done frances i am missing this thread too, was going to start it and then got waylaid with housework! Good luck with your WI tomorrow!!

Having a bit of a cleaning fit today! and even went out in the garden to hang towels on the line in the freezing cold.
I am 2 shakes, 1 litre water and loads of coffee down so far. Got my weigh-in tonight and as usual i don't feel like i've lost anything, especially after doing SS+/810 even went over a little on the weekend and had a 1000, we'll see anyway!

looking forward to getting a peanut bar for tonight...been daydreaming about it!



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oooh a daily :D

i'm on nearly a litre and a half of water down. have had a chocolate tetra with extra hot water in it. and am just going on my lunch break now. am going to save my bar for a little bit later. even though i want to eat it now as i only had the tetra about two hours ago, ha. so maybe i'll wait until the end of my lunch break :)

i'm starting to feel a bit meh about the diet again. not because i'm craving or anything. just because i'm starting to miss life quite a bit. but not long until christmas now :)

abz xx
I'm fine, but not getting enough work done as always. Beginning to get a little bit worried about the looming deadline so hopefully that will spur me into action..

So very cold last night and today.

Abz, hope you can stay focused. I know how tough it is but you just have to keep plodding on. Keep thinking of how you will be able to become a CDC after Christmas if you keep at it!
thanks frances. i am doing. that's what's keeping me going at the mo. that and the size 16 dress in my wardrobe. even though it fits and looks nice i could do with a little bit more room to breathe :D

how is everyone else getting on? i'm 1.5 litres down now...

abz xx


Trying to stay healthy!
hey abz, i'm too thinking about becoming a CDC in the new year, hopefully we can support each other! are you planning to do it from your home?

oh dear had my 3 shakes already, got to wait il 7ish now for my meal as am going to wi later, had to have though as the cheese was calling me from the fridge!!

I am so cold today and its not even ketosis. Restarting today after my fabbie social weekend ruined all my good work of last week!
Just had my 3rd pack and still to drink about a litre of water. I know i'm going to be hungry but i'll have a 4th pack.
I will not eat anything thats not CD!


Trying to stay healthy!
Boooo!!! just got back from WI and STS , no fair!!! CDC has advised i move up to 1000 plan as i may need to kick start my metabolism a bit, she's off on holiday now and i don't have a weigh-in for 2 weeks with her replacement, and to top it all off i have mislaid my booklet, hunted high and low and it's nowhere to be found!!!
Hey, I know exactly how you feel. I stayed the same last week. It is a pain, but it will mean that it will definitely come off next week if you just stick to it. You'll find your book, or you'll get ideas for 1000 cals on here. Hang in there!


Trying to stay healthy!
Thanks frances xx
Feeling a little brighter now, I weighed 10st 6lb on my CDC scales, got home and hubby rushed over to Argos to buy me some scales, brought them back and on those i weighed 10st 7 then i took off my new boots and now i weigh 10st 5, so i think my heavy boots didn't help me out this week as i usually wear different ones. So i'm thinking i probably did maybe lose 1/5 lb to 1lb.
Very likely you did. Why didn't you take your boots off? All I can say, is that the greatest comfort to me when I stay the same is at least I am not losing the weight too fast and that my body has a chance to catch up.

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