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Ms R

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I'm a Tuesday weight in gal. Week 7 weigh in for me tomorrow.
This is a great idea. I'll set one up for the Wednesday weighers :)
Thank you, Ms R. :) Mine's tomorrow, so I'll post when I know.

I used to like the challenges that we had on the old forum. I was thinking the other day of starting a thread, but wasn't sure how many people would be up for it. I'm trying to remember what we actually did. I think we pledged a certain amount of weight to try and lose over a month to see if we'd meet our mini-goals. What do people think?

Ms R

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Yes great idea Noitulove. I'm just getting warmed up...will be posting quite a bit me thinks;) lol.
Ok then! :) I'll start a challenge thread tomorrow. For once I'm having an early night tonight, never seems to normally happen however much I try. So, night night all.
2.5 lb for me this week. Must admit I am starting to get a bit cheesed off now as my last few weeks losses have been low :( The Pharmacist says this is normal because I am "petite" and didn't start with a very high weight (although my BMI was 35 and I have 4 stone to lose....)

Apparently it is just a slower curve for sub five footers :(
Well done missuscolumbo!

I know you feel a little disappointed, but you're doing really well! Same again next week and you'd be down two stone in 8 weeks, that's really good! Keep going! :)
Hi everyone! :)

Little list of things I'm pleased about:

1. I lost 3lb this week!
2. I've lost 2st 12lb in total!
3. I'm half way through time-wise (9 weeks gone, 9 weeks left)!
4. I have less left to lose than I've lost so far!
5. I am now only overweight and no longer classed as obese (hate that word)!

I have to go and make lunch for my daughter now and have my shake, but I'll start the challenge thread when she's gone down for her afternoon nap, shortly after two o'clock.

Good luck for today other Tuesday people! :)

Ms R

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Well done Misscolumbo, look at the bigger picture, your overall weight loss is amazing and you wouldn't have lost that much if you weren't on LT. Congratulate yourself you've done brilliantly.

Well done to you to Noitulove, I can't wait till I have less to lose than I've already lost. You are also doing amazingly and a brilliant inspiration to us all starting either again or first time.

Well done Kimberley, what an amazing 1st week's result.....13lbs WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I sure hope I do as well tonight when I get weighed.
Really, really well done Kimberley! :) Such a brilliant, big loss! I hope you have a good second week.

Thank you, Ms R. :) Very good luck for your weigh-in later! I'm also looking forward to hearing how you've done.
The "September CHALLENGE!" thread is up! :)

Go, go pledge!

Ms R

Regular Member
The results are in.........My first weeks weigh in.......DRUM ROLL..........


Well done, Ms R! Brilliant start! :)

Ms R

Regular Member
Thank you so mch. Just need to work out how to update my ticker on my iPad which is proving impossible. May need to log onto the computer later after my bike ride.

I'm off to pledge on e September challenge thread now.


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Well done everyone great losses

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