Tummy ache :-(

Fat Bird

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Me again! :eek:
I am on day 11 now and have the worst tummy ache.....and I'm feeling a little sick.
Last night I was really hungry and had a grumbly tummy but this morning it's more of an upset tummy feeling....couldn't face my shake before work but trying to nibble at a bar to see if it makes me feel better but it's not :cry:.
Anyone else suffered tummy probs at this stage?
Thank you
FB xx
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Just keep in mind it might be nothing to do with the diet. It might just be a plain ols upset tummy.

Blue Butterfly

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I'm on day 13 and the last couple of nights I've had a horrible stabbing pain just above my belly button, feels like I'm being stabbed :(
I've no idea why it's happened, I think maybe it's coz I've had my shakes too close together the last few nights, it's not happened anytime before that.


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only on day 2 and had a few aches in my lower abdomen.....:confused:

Fat Bird

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Hi PurpleAngel
I had a few pains on day 2/3 and a bit of an upset tummy...just put it down to the changes that were going on.....after that felt fine.
My aches could just be as Starlight says and nothing to do with Exante at all.......seem to be subsiding a little now following 2 paracetamol .
Good luck with your weightloss
FB xx