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Tummy bug from hell :(


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If you are sure its a stomach flu then eating wont help.

After 2 days it should be settling. Have you tried re-hydration salts? If you have been on LT for any time your mineral levels will be low and a bad bug could make you really weak.

Make sure you keep drinking the water.


Positivity is the key
Hi Flame,
Sorry you are not feeling too good. My only thought on it is ring the chemist and see what their advice is. Hope it clears up soon. Wishing you all the best.


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Sorry just read back thru my post and realised I hadnt written in about contacting your phamacist. S'pose I 'assumed' they were shut now and you needed overnight help!
Thanks ladies, did ring the LT helpline at 5.09pm, they shut at 5pm! Am going to be strong and see how I feel in the morning. Soooo tempted to eat rice or something plain but I know that I will just start eating crap again. Will keep you updated xx:wave_cry:
I had a very upset tummy in the second week only lasted one or two days for me though. Think it must have been the change in my diet ,but at the time thought I had caught a bug could not stomach shakes real stomach cramps(like ibs) felt awful. It did clear and I have never had it again. I agree with the others though contact your pharmacy or the Helpline. Hope you start to feel better soon. :character00264:
Morning everyone, well and truly cocked up last night, felt so rough so had bacon and eggs (thought that the protein might keep me in ketosis, daft I know) and then ate a whole packet of Foxs melt in the mouth vienesse biscuits :cry:Dont know why I thought I should buy them when I know they are my favourite in the world :(

Was it worth it? NOPE! Have a bit more energy this morning, but still cant keep away from the toilet for more than 10 minutes at a time, am well and truly back on the LT band wagon. Feel like a silly cow! :(


Here we go again!
You can't feeling poorly so don't dwell on it. You're back on LT 100% now so put it behind you and just think of all those lovely pounds that are going to fall off now.

Hope you feel better soon though!


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Hi Sweetie

How you doing? Hope your tummy is better now and you are raring to go again.

Dont give up; what is done is done so get back on again and try and not look back.

Take care and do hope you have recovered.

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