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Cant believe how much 180grams of tuna is, stupid i know:), im looking at the bowl with the tuna in and im thinking "nah that cant be right" so ive weighed it again and again and again but the scales say the same figure everytime,180grams is more than one whole drained tin of the princess brand,
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Im finding 225g of cottage cheese to be loads! its nearly a hole pot!
in 3 weeks on it i lost 10lb but in that time i also put on a few lbs from xmas.
think it all depends on how much you have to lose, looking at your stats shanny you are almost at your goal weight so 3lbs is still a good loss
I did ss+ in my third week my bmi is under 25 so not ment to try it again but thinking i may give it another shot from tomorrow.
have ure boots come now?? lol x


Slimming down the aisle
Oooh what boots?
out of my 4 pairs 3 are still in the boxes lol

no way Mandy give them to meeeeeee lol lol its the weather for me.

Mandy are u on SS+ then? i hear so many large weight loss on it.!
i wanna sell 1 of the pairs because ive got 2 the same colour (sand) ut its hard finidng someone with size 8 feet lol

yea im on SS+ started on it the sat before xmas, i find it much easier than SS even tho i didnt really struggle on that, ill be able to tell the weight losses next week as i wont have had any xmas meals to distract me ;) i only get weighed every 2 weeks, easier for me then

Just wondered if you can mix the tuna and cottage cheese if you didnt want the full amounts of either as they seem to be big amounts?

Please can someone advise.



Slimming down the aisle
I have size 8 feet and love them but not sure I can afford UGGS!

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