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Two types of people

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icemoose said:
I have definitely noticed that there are two kinds of people who do the crazy diet of a VLCD :)

The first kind are those that see the diet as a prison, they aren't allowed to eat, they aren't allowed to drink, they aren't allowed to go out and socialise on the diet, they aren't allowed to do things they want to do.

The second kind are those that see the diet as a choice, at anytime they can go and eat what they want, they can go and drink what they want but they choose not to because they want to lose weight and be slim more than they want to eat or drink.

The people who see the diet as a prison sentence tend to hate the diet all the way through, they generally feel unhappy while losing weight and from my experience tend to "escape" from the prison at some point and eat and drink and then the diet becomes even tougher.

For those that make a choice to just not eat or drink I find they tend to enjoy the diet!! They have made a good choice as they can feel the results and with the right mindset it is just a matter of keeping yourself focussed for a few months while you get to where you really want to get to.

All of us who start a VLCD desperately want to lose weight for many reasons and we all know the diet is in our own heads. If you drink the packs and drink the water and avoid food then you will lose weight as it is impossible not to, the only problem is whether your mind makes you falter along the way.

So please please see the diet as a choice, and a very good choice as it will change your life for the better.

Thank you

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