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Ugh... why do I do it?


Alomst there :)
I'm so annoyed with myself :(

Back on the wagon after being a bit reckless for a few months, gained around 12lbs from my lightest weight (which I would like to get back to). Managed 100% yesterday, and was doing so well today until I decided it would be a good idea to attack the nutella jar with a spoon. :mad:I don;t know why. I didn't really want it, and it just made me feel rubbish. I think I had about 12 syns worth.

Lesson learned, I know I can pull it back for the rest of the week, I'm just annoyed that I did it.... Grrr.

Sorry, self pitying post. My hubby just doesn't understand :/
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Trying... Really Trying.
I do exactly the same thing.

Especially if I forget to plan lunch at work, I will pop into sainsburys and before you know it I have a sandwich, sausage roll, crisps and some for of cake. I have NO willpower, and so the only way is to not have it near me!

The big thing is to not beat yourself up about it, 12 syns is not a horrific amount, and maybe just go for 5 tomorrow. 12lbs will drop back off you again once you get back into the mindset, I find after the first loss on the scales I booster my will power 200 fold, so just bee good from now and you'll soon be back in a situation where you can say no and still feel good.

Also try having some stuff around that you can substitute if you get the munches, if you were after the nutella, how about having some muller lights about to satiate the sweet tooth! x


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I think overindulging occassionally may be what we need for us to realise how much we love SW & put us put us back on the straight & narrow.

Put it in the past & get back into it, bet all that chocolate was yummy though ;)

Oh we have all been there Camille.....we wouldn't be on the plan if we didn't have a desire to binge eat now and then as we'd all be super slim :) Just draw a line under it and get back on plan next meal - good luck x


Trying... Really Trying.
Hey Camille,

I didnt see where you were until you asked me.

I'm a 7 Dials kid, how about you? Do you go a local group or are you solo-ing it?

More importantly where in Brighton do you shop? I'm a sainsbury's guy but I must admit delivery from Asda saves £££s on slimming world. =D
You are not the first person that has done this and will not be the last. Sometimes we have to have a blip like this to see how much you want to be healthier. Think how great you have done and how proud of your self, you are and you will see that although it not the greatest thing to do but it is also not the worst. We have all been there and will all have a breakout. so keep doing what you are doing. You are doing FAB. x

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