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uh oh...


I can haz cake?
... my hair has started falling out!!! Argh! Even when I was doing half WS and half TS!

I'm really worried because I'm on methotrexate and it has hair loss as a symptom... thinking I really might be taking the piss with two things potentially contributing to this...:sigh:

I was initially going to do this for 8 weeks, but I think I'm just going to do 4, and do a longer phasing in plan.....whaddya reckon?

I really have been getting on well with Exante too!!
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I know the worry this causes, sorry :( I don't have any advice really because if I am honest I am burying my head in the sand over it! I have read that it goes back to normal when finished on such a diet but I know that's not much consolation for now :( xx
I have actual bald patches!!! Eeek!!
there are some nice headbands around at the mo, check out new look. they are fashionable, look good and may give you a bit more confidence until you finish the diet????

lou x :) x
Wow that rectified quickly! That's almost just hours! Lucky you! I'm jealous lol!

I have read that we may shed more when eating properly at first as we let go of old hair as our new hair starts growing again. Do you think it makes a difference as to how long a person has been on the diet as to how long it takes to rectify? I only ask because I have a function in a few weeks and my hair (or lack of it) may be the reason I don't go :( just wondering when to try make things better for the function lol x
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It's still not in wonderful condition compared to normal, but still a lot better! Probably because I haven't been on the plan for very long.. I dread to think what would happen if I did TS for 4 solid weeks..! xx
Yeah, having bald patches is not nice. Sadly I know this from it having happened to me.
Apparently a vitamin A & D supplement can help with hair loss when on VLCD's. Meantime use a gentle shampoo and try to avoid heat-drying when possible. It DOES recover!

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