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underactive thyroid????


After a conversation with a girl in work in a bit worried I might have an underactive thyroid.

She was talking about how dry her hair was and I was sympathising, then later I was talking about how cold my hands and feet get and she told me that was the first sign she had of having the underactive thyroid.

As well as the cold hands and dry hair i do feel tired but i cant be sure if its unrealistic as its all i know =S

i get constipated sometimes - is this a sign?

i also feel a bit lightheaded and seam to be getting a lot of headaches?

does anyone else have an underactive thyroid and recognise these symptoms?

interestingly my mum takes medication for an underactive thyroid (but she didn’t get any symptoms it was just picked up in a blood test so no point asking her about them) is it a hereditary thing?


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It can be hereditary, but not always. Dry skin, thinning dry hair, brittle nails, tiredness, weight gain, sore muscles, constipation and depression are all known symptoms of it. Most common in women, and in older women, but can happen to anyone. Both my grandmothers had it, but as yet I don't, even though I have many of the symptoms. Best to see your GP, as I'm pretty sure a bloodtest is all it takes to find out. I've been tested many many times for it. Hope you feel better soon!
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I have an underactive thyroid and was diagnosed after a simple blood test.

There are lots of web sites you can look on about hyperthyroidism that will answer your questions but your first stop should really be the doctor.

The treatment is so easy just thyroxine tablets and the dose depends on the severity of the condition. I take 225 micro -gs a day an feel fine. Life goes on as normal.


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Ripped from the internet:

While not a fertility problem in and of itself, thyroid problems, including an overactive thyroid and an underactive thyroid, can also affect your chances of getting pregnant.

But i really wouldn't worry too much about it. Wait to speak to your GP, and they will be able to advise you further.


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Ask the GP, get a blood test and then know either way.

It could be so many things.

That reminds me, I gotta get mine checked up soon. Have to do it near my b'day every year for life following radiotherapy. Poss side effect is malfunctioning thyroid.


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Defo get it checked. My mum had overactive (lost loads of weight easily) and is now underactive so its important to keep the checks up. Also if you are on Thyroxin for underactive you get all free prescriptions for everything

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