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Unexpected meal out - ended up as STS. Exercise points query ?

I am so exhasperated (cant spell it either)! was doing so well until yesterday, when ended up going out for unplanned meal out... and now today the scales say I am 2.7lb more :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:

I wouldnt mind but it wasnt a 'blow out' meal.

This is what I had yesterday:-

50g Shredded wheat + milk
4 x biscuits (1.5p each)

Unplanned meal out
Veggie lasagne, with a slice of garlic bread. No veggies or chips.
Wasnt a massive cheesy lasgne with load of creamy sauce, just filo pastry with the cooked veggies inside!
Apple pie and custard. (not a massive slice or loads of custard)

3 x toast and small dish of cereal.

I know points wise would have gone over, but even so have been out for meals in past and eaten far more than the above. The place we ate the portion sizes were sensible and not the 'pile it high' kind of place.

Am pugging today now due to the increase. I cant see how it will be gone by tomorrows weigh in. ! :cry::cry::cry:
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Don't panic!! Your weight can fluctuate by up to 3lbs on a normal daily basis, which is why you should only weigh yourself once a week at the same time of day to give a more average reading.

Wait until your normal weigh in to see the result and don't worry!
Hi everyone.

It was as I feared, my weigh came out as a 'stay the same'. :cry::cry::cry::cry:

I was doing so well till that meal out! I still cant work out why I went up so much. The meal really wasnt that massive. :confused:. I must have a really wierd metabolism or getting to a 'funny age' :D:D

Oh well, heres to next weeks WI. Although its going to be a toughie this week as have a birthday get together to go to tonight, so there will be goodies to eat. :eek:

Saturday have another get together and stay overnight with B&B brekkie the following morning.

Did have a quick chat with my WW leader, about why not moving and she thinks perhaps its because I am NOT using my exercise points ????? I go to gym 3 times a week. Am not killing myself there but estimating earning 3 points a visit. She said to try using some of those points up!!

Has anyone else heard of this ??? not using exercise points causing a stall etc ??

Am curious.

Thanks. xx
I haven't heard that but I do know that the more you exercise the more muscle and also the more blood you have in your circulation - both of which weigh more than fat but take up less room.

Maybe you need to be measuring yourself as well as weighing?
I could understand it if you were doing loads and loads of exercise, but it sounds like a normal amount that you're doing, and you're eating normally. Saying that if your little plateu continues then it could be something to bear in mind.

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